How to zone into your mind, body and soul

Hello Peoples...

Are you ready to learn how to zone into your mind, body, and soul?

Reading your Intuition

Have you ever been in an everyday normal situation and then sensed a strange feeling come across your body? This can happen in lots of ways, like the back of your neck shivers or the hairs on your body stand, a racing heart or tummy flutters. Well, these are just few ways your body is communicating with you.

What do you do?

Do you; Ignore these messages and carry on regardless? Or, notice them and find the reason as to why this is happening (not always that easy) and find a solution to remedy this?

Learning to communicate with yourself can absolutely be one of the most effective tools towards your health and happiness.

I always remember these feelings when I was young, I had no idea what it all meant but most of the time I think that I unknowingly followed my instincts...

We continually ignore our bodies vibe...
Make your soul happy

Now I know I was young when this happened but I believe it goes towards how I learned from a young age how to disassociate myself, from many things!

So I was 9... My body was screaming at me not to go through a short alley that would lead me home from my friends house, I remember feeling uneasy, tense and shaky, I knew it was because there was a teenager/young man hanging around, this kind of thing didn't normally bother me, so I pushed those feelings out of the way and skipped into the alley down the path to swing on the metal bars.

I should have listened to those feelings...

The man I saw moments before, ran past my friend, I saw him coming towards me and immediately felt my panic rise, the sense of my heart beating in my throat, my skin was crawling and face felt as though it was on fire, like a proper burning sensation, as he approached me even though he was running it all seemed so slow and all I could hear was my heartbeat pounding in my ears.

I knew I needed to get away but didn't know why, (he ran past my friend, so he'll just keep running, right?!). I was sat, now froze to the bar, or stubborn and not wanting to show fear! Not sure!

I saw the knife as he reached me. My hearing seemed muffled, I knew my friend was screaming for help but she seemed so much further away than she actually was.

I reacted instantly by kicking and screaming, he tore and ripped away my lower clothing using the knife to get through the tougher denim on my skirt. I don't know what his next move was but I kicked and landed one in totally the right spot, he crouched for a few seconds then bolted away....Listen to your vibes


Anyways from this, I learned very quickly how to disassociate from situations, I would numb myself from a wide variety of situations and became quite seldom.

I would watch tv (a lot) as if it were my escape away - No longer interested in going out or mixing with my friends.

Doing this and not understanding the emotions that followed, ultimately ended up resulting in my disconnection with myself, and for that, I have been rewarded with my lasting mental and physical issues!

But that's OK!!


Ways to zone into your mind body soul

Be in the present

Your body is your most reliable guide to happiness, Implement these things into your everyday life, as much as you can.

*practice being still

*hot bath or shower

*gentle yoga/stretching

*sit/walk out in nature

*Even if only for a short time, seconds even.

Start learning to do this when you are alone, in time you notice it becoming more natural. close your eyes, and ask your body these Q..

Why do you want this? is it for you or someone else? how much of an impact will it have on the rest of my day or week even!

Teaching kids to feel their emotions

I do this also now with my kids whenever they feel torn with a decision, or if they are going out somewhere and don't feel right but unable to explain why.

Listen to your bodies responses to your Q

*Tune in for a second to feel for those bodily sensations

*how do these instinctive sensations make you feel

*bring those feelings to an emotion have an answer of direction for you to act upon.

*an answer of direction for you to act upon.

This is how I interpret my sensations, as I've said before my realization is quite a recent one that I am thoroughly enjoying, the experience of thinking more positively has been the most beneficial part of my start to recovery..

Lots and heaps of kindness and patience towards yourself.

That's it! Our bodies talk to us all of the time. Really...

My eldest also seems to be understanding it a bit. He listens too, which really blows me away seeing him turn down nights out etc because his body isn't feeling it!! Love this (He's 17)... My others are still at the 'moms crazy' stage! But I'll show them...

You can train your mind to be exactly who you want to be.

Don't be influenced by what's around you, focus only on Yourself!

Shift your mind from negative to positive

Shift your mind from negative to positive... I am telling you from my heart that this is genuinely possible, with lots of practice practice practice.

No doubt I'll slip, and like all of my other blips when I realize I have, I'll just begin again, and I will and do enjoy the process starting again.

*Sit alone *Talk to my body *Then read the message!

This again may take some time to crack, I'm almost 4 years on and still waaaaay off the person I want to be but changing my whole thought process has been so uplifting mentally you so need to do this, you absolutely need to be committed to consistency when you've made the decision this could be your way forward, lets face it, what have you got to lose in trying to be a calmer, patient, happier soul.

It truly is inspirational...

Have yourself a mindful day, starting, NOW...

Love Jorja x

This is the book that helped me understand the process of becoming Mindful.. I never believed in reading this kind of book until it was recommended by a mom whose son died tragically.

Felt that there must be something in this mindfulness living and became drawn to it...

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