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Colour until Your heart is content

Self-help activities

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Here you will find 3 colouring pages with inspirational messages for you to sit with and colour until your heart is content, Mindfully. What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is...

... Working with a trained therapist using creative techniques to encourage free self-expression through painting, drawing, music or dance.

I'm NO Therapist but I...

...Use art therapy (self-help styleee) as a tool for mindfulness.

Queue Old thought!

"What a complete waste of effort mindfulness is! I mean come on, just because you sit and breathe for 2 minutes or whatever isn’t going to help what's happening to me!"

Sound familiar?

Yea! I said this too! Being mindful was definitely towards the bottom of things I wanted to try. I couldn’t even say it at one point without feeling embarrassed and was mortified when it was suggested in one of my psycho appointments for me to try!

How patronising, is what I thought. You, being my psycho lady have nothing else to offer? You’re taking the piss right?! Mindfulness!

Printable pdf...

Immerse yourself

Turns out, it's in my soul to be mindful.

All the time spent as a kid watching the clouds go by, or being fixated on the rain falling down a window I was actually being in the *here and now and I thought that was daydreaming. Perhaps doing it in school lessons wasn’t the best time but the rain might have stopped before I’d had the chance to roll all the way to the bottom. Well, not me, the rain-drop haha…

*Link-here and now = How to be in the Here and now

Immerse yourself fully in an activity you love.

It can be that simple.

I believe there are many aspects to *mindfulness, but if you can feel that sense of calm come across you, it can be easier to progress onto the more focused *exercises as you will know the feeling you’re aiming for & not flapping that you are doing it wrong.

*Link-Mindfulness = What is Mindfulness

*Link-Exercise = How to practise Mindfulness

Art therapy is great for helping you to achieve a meditative state, especially with the repetitive movement. You can find yourself really drawn to the tip of your chosen colour.

Printable pdf...

Colour and calm

Colouring is great to focus on, have you ever sat with the kids and just lost yourself in the picture?

The movement and feeling of the crayon or pen, the shades of colour that can change depending on pressure blah blah blah.

Your thoughts just floating on by and you don't get that intense urge to argue back with them. 

Then you realise an hour has passed, you forgot to start the tea but weirdly you feel pretty calm about it! 

If you have struggled with this whole mindfulness thing then give art therapy a try and begin boosting those **neurotransmitters.


Printable pdf...


Immerse yourself In anything you love. Stop listening to societies way or any expectations from others and focus on ‘You’.

As of now; Set time aside to allow 'You' to *zone, be mindful, daydream or whatever you want to call it.

*Link-Zone = zone into your mind, body & soul

I began on 10 minutes per day in one hit, to get it over with...

...Now, I am one mindful momma. Trying to spread the word of how just a few minutes spent realigning yourself in a consistent manner, has such major life awakening qualities.

No joke, try it, & not just a few times, really incorporate it into your day & it will be of benefit!

Any questions please don't feel awkward or an inconvenience, 'You're' NOT! Email me.

Take care of 'You'.

Love, Jorja x

Question time...


...What are 'Your' troubles with mindfulness?

...Do 'You' find it difficult to achieve the feeling you're aiming for?

...What grabs 'Your' attention that 'You' enjoy doing?



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