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Steps to feel less anxious

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Not being one to brag but, I live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social anxiety & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This has been for a few years now & I have found some great techniques that work for managing these symptoms & could help 'You' to feel less anxious too.

In my situ cheeky humour helps a lot! I'm not actually proud, joking helps me to accept & deal with these shitty disorders/syndromes & whatever else they are classed as. Which brings me to want to pass on tips to help 'You'.

Also, find;

Symptoms of anxiety

Social anxiety

Steps to feel less anxious

So, your life is being taken over by anxiety & Interfering crazily with your day-to-day life?

Personally, I didn’t realise that the sensations running through my body were anything other than being a nervous wreck, as that’s how everyone had always labelled it so I thought of that as a throw-away comment & nothing to be acted on. 

“Emotional systems can overpower and take control of our thoughts and our sense of self” 

No-shit! I know right haha…

Please remember to share & help people find their people. Thank You x

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Symptoms of anxiety






Blurred vision

Clenched stomach

Hot/cold flushes

Sudden urge to pee



Pounding/racing heart

Shallow breathing

Unable to catch your breath

Chest pain

Tingling arms & legs

Restless leg syndrome


Social anxiety

Constantly pre-occupied by saying something wrong, being boring, irritating & pissing people off. 

My mind would go into overdrive and it was like another me would show up, like a 3rd person but who could read people’s minds and would say things to me as I spoke.

Telling me to shut up or getting me confused half-way through a sentence, leaving me looking a twat being unable to remember what was being said.

Or even better, repeating myself trying to act “Normal” Ha! 

Then the stutter, hot flush, nausea & dread would present itself.


What other people were/are thinking actually isn’t for 'You' to work out or even concern yourself with.

They only 'think' they know us!

This tiny realisation was massive for my sanity, again over-time.

Spend time with your anxiety

These steps are to be done consistently, build it into your day & actually spend time with 'Your' anxieties.

I know you feel the panic & you just want them to go but first 'You' need to understand them better and they will fade.

Things worth doing take time. This is worth doing.

Steps to feel less anxious

‘You’ can use your anxiety as a base to start getting to know who you are, like, rediscover yourself. 

Why not?

...You are in control...

*Make a plan / Write it down / Map it out / Figure out the steps

*Find out what your triggers are & write them down.

*How can these be changed?

Download the dumper bundle, it will help you to keep things simple as you work through your thoughts, anxieties and emotions.

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*Literally, focus in on how 'You' feel physically not on what your thoughts are doing. 

*Feel any sensation that is there right at that moment, flowing through each and every part of your body.

Be still and breathe a few deep breathes letting gravity take your weight. 

You will feel your emotion intensify but it will ease off. 

*Give your emotion the attention it wants. Relax, re-align then re-focus to make your next move.

*Don’t allow noise in your day to become pressure. Sounds from things winding you up & irritating you, just allow them to happen, take no notice, or even more precise notice it & then let it go. 

*Talk to your anxiety, tell it to sod right off.

*Link- Overthinking post

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When many emotions arise together, we get so overwhelmed and anxious we don’t know our arse from our elbow, right?

 Break down what you are thinking into more manageable pieces = DUMPER

Focusing your energy on changing these things and learning how to become less *self-conscious, can also make a massive difference. 

Keep it as a thing just for 'You' to work on 'You', then there's no outside pressure and the results that come will have you wanting more self-help stuff.

Really put these steps into action, the more consistent you are the deeper the result seems.

Now go start kick anxiety's ass...

Take care.

Love, Jorja x

*Link = Self-worth post


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    1. Hi Rahul.. Glad to be of some use and I likey that it’s offering motivation haha. Sharing what I’m learning to be helpful with depression and anxiety has really helped me move forward, kinda like having purpose in the times I can pull myself together haha, so Thank YOU.. Love Jorja x

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