Spring Wreath Craft

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Hello Spring-timers,

Do you wanna make a Spring Wreath by any chance? Well, it just so happens that I wanted to too. So off I headed for Pinterest, pinning lots of fabulous creations feeling more and more envious of their Spring Wreath Craft, and decided ‘of course I can make one’. My one


Spring Wreath Craft

Spring Wreath Craft for health

No dosh for supplies


With the hubba off work due to surgery we literally have like no money. Screw it, I rummaged around my

home and through old boxes of craft supplies and hey presto I found some spring type stuffs to use…

What you need

*Cardboard x1 – So, mine measured 27cm top to bottom cutting out 17cm from the middle – I dont do diameters yet sorry, too much energy, numbers!

*Spring colour pretty card x2 – if you want it pretty on both sides -Cut out to the same size as the cardboard


*Glue-gun – doesn’t matter if you dont have one it just quickens up the process sometimes – Which is great for me being ‘fatigued as fuck’.

*Spring theme stuff – Eggs – Bunnies -Daffodils – Bumble Bee – blah blah

*Stamps and ink – If you want the bunting message – or get the kids to write it out



What to do now

Release the beast is what… Do whatever the bloody-el you like! Embrace the freedom that is within reach, literally. Focus solely on the task ahead, which is to make one damn fine Spring Wreath.


Spring Wreath Craft for Mindset



*cut x3 circles I used erm! oh! The thingy you stick the pencil in? Arghhh.. Plates, you could use plates haha! oh dear! Anyways, x1 any card & x2 pretty paper/card.

*Glue together.

*Use pretty ribbon around rough edges

*Bumblebee stamp used on yellow felt – If you do this remember to ‘let the ink dry! This doughnut here didn’t, smudged it! Deep breath, okay, breaths!

*Glue on your bits trusting your instincts where each piece is going

I didn’t make any plan as I didn’t want to become obsessed with how and where I placed each and every item, along with ruler in hand to check! Sound familiar?! So I lay out what I’d found and just let my mind flow

*The bunting is hand stamped onto card 15mm x 30mm or 1.5cm x 3cm or 19/32 inch x 1 3/16 inches .. I always switch method when I measure!

* Then fold & glue each piece over some string

*Stuck on a few felt flowers with button middle

*Chunky jute or ribbon

There you have it your very own Spring Wreath Craft Creation…


Show me Show me

I want to see how yours turns out… show me show me… Maybe I should get a twitter account hmmm… or email me pics

Spring Wreath Craft for Chronic Pain



So my attempt at a bunny’s bum & ears failed, looks nothing like a bunny’s bum! what more can I say haha. my girls insisted I leave him on though!

Spring Wreath Craft Encourage Positive Mindset I’m definitely ‘having’ to learn to accept my own failings to teach the kiddos that its ‘okay’ to fail! All I really wanted to do was throw it all on the floor, stamp over it, chuck it in the bin and move on to the next thing on the list! But nooo, I took a breath in and on exhale said ‘heyho just let it go’. And actually, that’s exactly what I did. Was refreshing…


Deep Breath

It’s amazing what that one deep breath & a shift in posture can do, with a short boosting quote acknowledging its okay to not always get it right!

Now, I know my spring wreath craft isn’t quite Pinterest worthy but who cares. I’m so proud of myself for focusing only on what I was crafting, also for actually finishing a project, as well as in time for the right season whoa!


Perfectly Imperfect..Mindset Badge.Mental Health RecoveryInspirational badge Be Determined Positive Mindset


Get ‘your’ craft on

Come on peoples ‘Go get your Craft on’ – Relax & enjoy yourself… If the kids are around, set them some separate stuff they can faff with & tell them if they touch your stuffs then they will be banned from the crafting space. I had 2 not interested, 1 got involved & 1 got banned, she got just got toooo close!

Good look with just enjoying ‘your’ project, oh & switch off your phone too!…

…Be mindful…

Love, Jorja x

Ps, Remember, I want to see how you got on…





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