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Self-worth | Know Your Worth | Depression, anxiety, cfs/me warriors

Learn to know your worth | be yourself | depression , anxiety and cfs/me

Do you find yourself trying to take on way more than your mind and body can handle, literally? & for what?

For me, it was to justify my existence!

Learn to Know Your Worth! It's possible, even with Depression, anxiety and cfs/me people.

What is Self-worth?

Self-worth is; ‘Believing that you are loved and valued’ - ‘How you value yourself’ - ‘Your value to others’

This branches off from separately from;

Self-esteem which is; ‘How you judge your qualities’ - ’Your impression of yourself’ - ‘Accepting of who you are’


Anything with the word self in just makes me cringe, but with depression, anxiety and Cfs/me to manage I’ve had no choice but to face it.

Looking into low Self-worth and reading the symptoms I fit them all, but to me, it was justified! 

Useless = Yep, I can’t do anything or go anywhere

Worthless = Yep, I have nothing to offer

Low mood =Yep, they say I’m depressed

Self-critical = Yep, who isn't

So how do you work with that?! Well, a heck of a lot of ‘letting go’ is how!

Self-worth | Learn to know your worth

Carrying on…

Low self-esteem can affect our thoughts, behaviours & feelings, which then knocks onto our self-worth and makes us feel like a spare part and a burden to anyone, & everyone.

So we try to make up for this by;

Well, I;

Tried to be ‘normal’ (Whatever that is) as I felt I needed to justify my existence. *More and more got stacked on my to-do list, *I smiled, *double booked appointments (because I didn’t want to take up the receptionists time in having to find another appointment!)

*Smiled some more. *Made out I could do things for friends/family then I avoided my phone if they called to arrange.

*Then the cooking, cleaning and laundry for x6. *The kids’ homework, helping/doing, same difference, I did it! 

Too many to list, but you get where I’m coming from?! You have your own things you feel you have to do after all!

In public, I smiled, mostly! At home, I cried. Tired and struggling to adapt to my new limitations of ‘not a bloody lot’, the thoughts kept rolling of ‘Will I ever function normal again’, also how inadequate I felt.

Know your worth | Depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue

Too much pressure

Putting pressure on ourselves and people pleasing just adds and adds to our stack of already un-dealt with issues, and trying to reassure others that we can cope is wasting precious healing time. 

Don’t look at it as giving in! You’re just cutting things right back to the bare minimum, as a starting point to rebuild yourself and your life however you like.

Trying to meet the demands of our own expectations is a battle to surrender, we don’t need to win that one.

Learn to slow down and do things in your own time, & not by the expectations or rates of others. 

It takes strength and courage to get through any day struggling with low feelings, anxiety and the rest.

Give yourself more credit, you are not faking this/these illness’ nor should you have to justify your existence.

Trying to define your self-worth is unwarranted. If you really want to change then you need to do something different, switch up how you do things.


I changed, I came to a halt! That was a shock to my family’ system haha, but they’re doing ok-ish!

Know your worth and live it |

Do you find it hard to value yourself? 

Work to develop a more accepting and balanced perspective of yourself.


Find an alternative way of talking with your thoughts, as you realise you are thinking negative thoughts literally say

‘NO NO NO, I’m not doing that anymore’ ...

... and move the thought straight on its way.

Learn to understand your own vicious cycles and what your triggers are. Get a diary and keep track, who doesn’t need a reason to buy a notepad, pens, cute accessories and of course somewhere to keep it all!!!


Keep yourself focused/active on something, what do you absolutely love to do?

This could be where you learn something new like yoga, crafting, whatever-ing really if it keeps your interest.

Work with what you have and build what you want. Life doesn't just sort itself (like I thought), you actually have to sort it!

I can't say was all that happy about it either but it's quite refreshing, after awhile arghhh haha!

Go for it & do it for 'You'.


Email me if you're feelin it.

Take care.

Love, Jorja x


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