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How to stop Self Destructive behaviour

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Self-destructive behaviour

How do we have access to so many possibilities, resources, awareness & fun, yet end up feeling so low that we don't even realise the effects of our self-destructive behaviour is having on us, our family, whoever?! I will tell you here how to stop self-destructive behaviour... It's not particularly easy but over-time the results are that I am here & pretty freakin excited of what I have achieved in 18 months. Don't worry the results kick in pretty soon if you focus, it's sticking to it that's the problem! NO, not the problem, Challenge, I mean that's the challenge! Ya get it?

Who am I?

Is this it? I'm a terrible mom! A pretty shitty wife! My daughter skills aren't up to much either! The house is a tip! I get so unreasonably angry?  Why can't I just be happy? No-one listens! I can't do it! This life thing is bullshit!

Just a few of my own blah blah blah-nesses! ...Negative Negative Negative...


Because we begin to believe what we tell ourselves, which loops & loops with self-destructive behaviour.

Being a mom has been way tougher than I expected but not because of the kids, because life just keeps on happening!

Yet it's the first part of that sentence that gets twisted & sticks. 'Tougher than expected' turns into 'The kids are a pain in the ass'!


NO, you're stressed to fuck and the kids take the flack for doing a kid thing!

There is always a deeper thought under the surface. Break it down and work it out...

Negative Thoughts

Did you know that 'You' can get a grip on 'Your' thoughts? (Get the Thought Dumper to help you break your thoughts down).

Huh, I didn't! Serious! Down the helter-skelter, on to the log flume, through the lion pit. Ride after ride my mind was rattled, confused, tired and done!

Self-destruct no-more;

*Realise that 'You' matter too.

*Use positive self-talk only.

*Sit & allow your thoughts to come & go, but write them down. How it makes you feel & what can be done.

*Make a plan from your thoughts that will encourage you to push, want & be excited to fulfil.

*Enjoy some 'You' time to ground yourself. Even a few minutes here & there can work.

*Observe... Nothing stops just because you do! So flow with it without the constant stream of negativity.

*Find focus & determination in 'Yourself' & smash it!

Introducing Revive & Thrive

So, the last lapse came around 4 months ago. I had become so overwhelmed with life, this blog, learning, teaching, slogging, pain, confusion blah blah, I took to my pit. This time I embraced it & worked through lots of self-doubt in my capabilities and future!

Ta dahhhhhh...

This is the system I used to get back on track...

Purchase 'Your' copy

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If you are struggling right now with self-destructive behaviour then please take this opportunity to invest in 'You'.

Don't allow guilt to set in, enough is enough let's kick ass and get 'You' back up! Stop being so hard on yourself life is tough, learn from now that 'You' do matter.

Your thoughts are just thoughts & 'You' are the one that chooses how to react! Switch it up. 1, 2, 3 go!

Embrace the ever-evolving process, it's quite enlightening!

Take Care of 'You'.

Love, Jorja x


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