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Restorative yoga Poses | Benefits | Depression & Anxiety | Cfs/me

Yoga depression | Relief from chronic pain

Are you ready-ish to try a Restorative yoga sequence?

Is your body feeling like a piece of wet lettuce?

Pain searing through EVERY cell that you’re made of?

Barely enough energy to make it from your bed to the couch?

Depressed (apparently! according to those who treat us)?

Anxiety ruling your everything?

And then people/Dr's keep telling you to add exercise into the mix! Like hmmm, yea k!

Yoga is definitely my kinda exercise

Around 2014 I was that pained piece of wet lettuce! Having always struggled with the idea of exercise anyway it seemed bonkers how my body felt so mentally & physically pained and fatigued,  yet kept getting told by my little health team that what I needed to do was... ...Exercise! 

My thought 

“No-way, fuck you ass-wipe, have you actually personally felt what and how I am feeling??? Shove your exercise up your … “

 It still gets me a little cross now at the thought of it, even though I’m a little further along my journey, and did do 'The' exercise! But it was in my own time, & not because I had been told too! I was in way too much pain to be told anything.

But ‘That’ exercise being Restorative yoga, has and is still giving me strength both mentally and physically. 

Find true relief from pain

Bad effects of not doing exercise


*Muscle weakness *Stiff joints *Poor circulation *Postural hypotension *Back problems *Loss of motivation *Poor concentration *Fatigue

Of course

“These are some of our Cfs/me symptoms anyway so what's the point”

I hear you scream! I screamed that, lots!

I was wrong!

It all started with this Restorative yoga sequence. No actually, it didn't, it started with graded movement & finding my baseline, but the restorative yoga is where it felt more positive and enjoyable!

Benefits of doing a restorative yoga sequence are; 

*Calming and restful

*Deep relaxation 

*Release chronic tension

*Slows mind & body

*Calms the nervous system

*Releases muscle tension

*Prevent heart disease 

*Prevent circulation problems

*Maintain lung function

*Maintain bone density

Consistent relaxation teaches the mind & body how to rest in a sense of safety rather than chronic emergency!


Doing a Restorative yoga sequence will turn on the healing response & help to nurture your body, which will produce positive responses due to the release of endorphins. These are Neuro-transmitters, which act as painkillers. (This I didn’t believe either!)

So great for the ol' depression & anxiety which was unexpected, but the relief from being in a state of constant over-whelm has been extremely welcomed, & not only by me haha.

'You' are in charge of you


Proceed slowly, take care not to force your body or exceed your physical abilities at any time.

If you haven’t found your baseline or not sure how to do this then click over to Learn how to pace to find out how.. & if you’re still unsure just go talk to your health provider and start with a graded movement exercise for your level of ability.

 My own Restorative yoga sequence was basically on a ‘whatever my body allowed’ kinda rhythm, but the following poses were my starting point.

Every night I lay across the lounge floor surrounded by pillows and did very little, to start with!

With Cfs/me I found doing 3 exercises 1 night & then the other 3 the next night. This way you’re working different muscles etc and giving them time to recover. 

Restorative yoga sequence poses


Consult with 'Your' doctor before beginning any exercise program. These are my experiences I'm sharing to encourage you to embrace 'Your' mind, body & soul. 



Crocodile - *Lie on your front *Rest your head on your arms *Separate your legs a comfortable distance apart.

Benefits - *Reduces stress and tension *Promotes sleep *Regulates blood pressure *Reduces anxiety.


Corpse - *Lie on your back *Legs straight *Arms at your sides *Rest your hand's palms up *Let your feet drop *Close your eyes.

Benefits - *Rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit *Reduces stress and tension.


Childs - *Hips to heels *Forehead to the floor *Arms can be overhead, palms on the floor *Palms stacked under the forehead Or *Arms can be alongside the body palms up.

Benefits - *Stretches the lower back *Massages & tones the abdominal organs *Stimulates digestion and elimination.


Knee to chest - *Lie on your back, legs and arms extended *Bring both knees to your chest *Clasp your hands around them *Wrap forearms around your shins *Keep your back flat *Release shoulder blades down toward your waist.

Benefits - Relief from excess digestive air, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, acidity, and constipation.


Single leg lift - *Lie on your back while your arms are placed by your sides *Inhale and slowly raise the right leg as high as you can without bending at the knee.

Benefits - *Help strengthen the muscles of the stomach and lower back *Improves the alignment of the spin *Tones and strengthens leg muscles.


Half spinal twist - Right arm is pressed against the left knee *Left arm is wrapped behind the back, giving an increased twist on the body *The chest is open and the spine is erect.

Benefits - *Relieves back pain and stiffness between the vertebrae *Relieves tension *Opens the chest *Increases oxygen supply to the lungs *Loosens the hip joints relieving stiffness *Releases tension in the arms, shoulders, upper back and neck.


Butterfly - *Sit with a straight back *Pull in your feet *Place the soles of the feet together *Let the knees fall out to your sides *Exhale & bring your chest down, hinge from the hips, not the waist.

Benefits - *Helps in opening your hips *Stretches groin, inner thighs and ankles *Grounding and uplifting *Stimulates abdominal organs *Beneficial for menstrual pains *Stimulates the circulation in the pelvic area.


These are the poses I used to begin strengthening my body, I didn't expect it to have such amazing benefits mentally!

I'm a pained fragile mess, but a flexible & calm one haha.

No really, give it a go, a real go! Focus, be consistent and do what 'YOU' can. It doesn't matter how small it seems don't push yourself, it will build gradually.

2017 I started and have made some real progress forward. Lots of blips & flares but its all part of the process ain't it?!

Do what you can & do it for 'You'.


Message or email me if you're feelin it

Take care.

Love, Jorja x


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