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How to achieve a positive thinking mindset

Change your mindset

So you want to achieve a more Positive thinking mindset?

I was in that place too!

Sharing with 'You' here are effective ways of how I changed to a more;

Positive thinking mindset.

Are you;

Moody, agitated, anxious, your mind just won't stop?!

I get it I swear! Life consumed me & probably you to the point I could barely breath (literally). I'd become very negative about most things.

Life in general really!  What was the point in it all?

Didn't want to be around my kids!

My kids irritated the crap out of me which then made me feel sad, angry and guilty! I also let problems of mental illness, physical pain and fatigue, parent suicide, work, money etc take over mine and my families lives.

I felt that all of this was what now defined me as a person.


Showered my kids!!!

Spit literally showered my poor kids when they, well, breathed! I would get so angry at them all the time. They were only doing what kids do but I couldn't handle it, their presence made me tense and agitated!

I knew I had lost control, but couldn't understand why I was unable to cope, it became so hard for me to monitor my thoughts and emotions, I needed help!!!!

...We are the only ones responsible

Time to see someone?!

I had it quite brutally brought to my attention by my Dr that I was unable to continue how I was. She referred me to a psycho lady who I didn't particularly feel comfortable with, but knew she had tools to help me!

Over time (a long time), it was explained that my vision and choices had become so limited that I didn't know how to filter my real problems, to the ones I'd created. She also taught me that 'I' could choose who I was. This, 'You' can do too!

Don't apologize

If people don't like us then we don't need to apologize or change for anyone's approval, do we?! No we bloody well don't! There is no place in my energy zone to be concerned with others negativity.

I bear no malice or enmity towards anyone. Anymore hehe!
Learning how to practise being Mindful really helped with moving forward.

Enter; learn how to change to a positive thinking mindset...

Positive thoughts impact on our bodies, huh, who knew! Apparently not me!

Our physical self is a reflection of our inner, we all need to learn how to nourish our emotional, mental and spiritual self and start to embrace the chaos that surrounds you, these are damn good experiences. Which having a positive thinking mindset helps you to enjoy these moments, & that has to be a good thing, right?!

Learn to accept that 'You' can't do EVERYTHING!

I now love to hear my kids arguing things out (ok love may be taking it a little to the extreme haha), I mean what tactics they use or how they stand up for themselves.

The never ending laundry doesn't make me anxious at the sight of it alllllll.
Sod the house looking like a shit tip, it gets done eventually, there doesn't have to be the same system for everyone.

The money worries that constantly get replaced each time you think you are up one week.. Don't be too reckless, if you budget and plan it all works out in the end so why waste energy on what you can't control.

Inspirational Quote..Mindset Matters

Positive vibes only...

Damn it, I wish I'd have believed earlier that this technique of 'positive vibes only' could help my mental/chronic illness so effectively. Teamed up with an understanding of how to be Mindful I feel I'm absolutely taking control of who I am and I love it, I almost love 'me'...

I personally always believed these methods were a crock of shite and not really achievable for the average struggling person. If there is anything you take from this post just know, that

...It honestly can be done...

'You' can become a more positive person no matter how low you feel.

Try this Thought Dumper to help break down tough thoughts.

Break down your thought printable

Make a lifestyle change

Don't be sat there thinking oh my days what is she whittling on about, it's not as simple as a few positive thoughts and you're all sorted.

It's a lifestyle change that you need to dedicate to.

My family at first looked at me like they were about to have me Sectioned when I began to give it a try, insisted that I sang them through their worries or talking to them like I was a professional therapist, I AM NOT.

But then they started to see a massive difference, I no longer sprayed them with saliva for a start. I find living in the Here and now also helps with the being Positive, another technique worth learning.

You could totally do it for 'you' too.

Start by;

Positive thinking mindset rules list

Be brave and start doing this, for 'You'...

...'You' are free to choose!

Don't let your Emotions win

My aim here is to pass on any positive thinking mindset strategies that have actually been uber effective.

I genuinely hope you see you are worth it.

Don't believe the bullshit that surrounds you, most of it is fabricated. Make 'Your' life count.

Be Positive, Be mindful.

Love, Jorja x

This book below really helped me understand how to become mindful. *Advert Alert* but real...



Thank You

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