Finding your baseline & learn how to pace

Baseline & Pace

How to pace effectively.

Having trouble finding your baseline before you can pace?  Always taking yourself to crash point?  Please read on...

Finding your baseline is an essential part of managing Cfs/me, then ya just gotta pace yo-self! Simples?! Ha! Nope, fraid not. This part of the journey is uber frustrating and feels a little no, a lot tedious! Again, I was wrong! Just do the diary thing below, really.

What baseline means is;

Activities/tasks/chores that you can comfortably do today that won’t affect 'Your' tomorrow!

We all suffer so differently with this illness but the basis is, to find out where ‘Your’ energy/pain is at, both mentally & physically. 

Also, understand & accept that you are not giving in to the illness, more that you are learning a new way of living your life.

A life that 'You' can engage in.

So for this to work, you will need to be brutal & realistic. This baseline is all 'Yours', so apply it in your own way. 

What personality are you?

We as humans have been conditioned to believe you should

*Finish what you start *Not give up *Work hard *Put others first ..

It comes to a point you have to accept this way isn’t working for you right now! It’s time to accept your limitations. 

What personality are you?

Creative - Go with the flow


Planner - Prioritize & Plan

Either way, you need to prioritise your current demands and fit them around your baseline.


Energy Tracking! Yeay!

Now, I know only to well how much energy it takes to even fill out this diary stuff so, have it to hand with pens at the ready. You should only need to do it for a few weeks to get an idea of what your baseline is & then if you (like me) forget and roll back into boom & bust then just go back to your diary.

Workout 'Your' Baseline...

Take frequent & short breaks throughout the day.

Set timed activity - Short break - Do a-bit more (or switch activity) - Take a break - blah blah blah… 


Do an activity a few times, measuring it by time or counting;

Hoover - 1st time 10 mins / 2nd 4 mins / 3rd 7 mins = 10+4+7=21 divide 21 by the amount of times you did the activity so 21 divided by 3 = 7 … 7 mins would be your baseline for that particular activity ..

If you feel due to other reasons that this would be too much still, then reduce your 7 mins by 20% = 5.5 mins approx! (I think haha!)

Learn to be more productive with your time/energy also, that it’s okay to mix things up.

Then Pace...

Gradually increase your times - Don’t do more than planned even if you feel you could, it will bite you in the ass!

Break up tasks into smaller bits & be sure to add in some ‘You’ time. Energy increases with enjoyable activities so don’t allow guilt (Link to guilty post) to set in. The housework isn’t going anywhere so whats the rush?

No Support?

If this upsets your family then kindly let it be known, that they are more than welcome to get involved in your healing process and that their support with chores etc would be very much appreciated.

Then go & meditate or something haha! 'You' matter too remember...


Staying within your limits can seem more like a drawback to begin with. But you need to be in it for the long haul, it will save energy overall.

It’s essential to learn how to pace with Cfs/me, so do whatever it takes. 

Stepping out of your baseline may make you feel anxious but learning how to manage & maintain 'Your' own levels can ease this. 

Now, put those steps in place to find 'Your' baseline.

If your baseline isn't working, change it...

Pace/Energy Tracker pdf...

Managing chronic illness


*Why do you need to push yourself so hard/far?

*Would you expect these standards to be kept by someone you’re close to (having Cfs/me)?

*What is wrong with slowing down?

*Can things be done in a more energy efficient way?



If you want to reach out then please do, my email is

Take care 'You'.

Love, Jorja x


2 thoughts on “Finding your baseline & learn how to pace

  1. I’ve just came across your site, my pain/disability drives me bonkers. I can’t get into a routine but the most frustrating element is that I take so long to finish what I want to do.
    I try not to compare to others, each night I feel overwhelmed and sad that I’m no closer to finishing my stuff

    1. Hey there you… Sorry for the slow response, I’m playing with the backend (or frontend, not sure really) of my blog and it’s not showing I have messages, I click things I shouldn’t haha, what a rebel!
      I am so with you, living like this is torture (although I wouldn’t like to test that!) but you know. Do you break down your tasks into timed sessions with breaks?! It’s hard to get the balance right, but the feelings of overwhelm can be incredible, seriously if you haven’t tried mindfulness yet give it a real try… This is going long haha, I’m going to email you. Love Jorja

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