Naan Pizza super simple method

Naan Pizza super simple method

 Hola peoples,

 In our home, we are all about simple ways to do things, especially with food, it's so bloody time-consuming. This naan pizza is a super simple method I promise. I guess not enjoying food myself contributes to my lack of interest in the kitchen, although I don't like to feed my family ready meals, as lovely and simple as they look, something in me is saying "noooo don't do it!" So I avoid.

Naan Pizza super simple method

 These Naan pizzas are so so so easy, my kids looooove them, simple enough for them to make themselves, I even let them have the kitchen to experiment with toppings, they always go back to the old favourite cheese and tomato...

All you need =

*Naan Breads any size

*Red Sauce / Tomato Ketchup / Tomato puree - depends on how tomatoey you like it

*Grated Cheese

Sometimes we add some ham, onion or sweet corn etc

 What I Use and how...

*Put Naans onto pizza tray or whatever you normally cook your pizzas on 

Amounts = To how your individual likes it! Mine only like a thin spread of sauce & a thin layer of cheese..

*Red Sauce / Tomato Ketchup / Tomato puree

*Squirt sauce onto each naan *spread with the back of a spoon

  *Spread with the back of a spoon

*Sprinkle on grated cheese / or grate some - mine only like a thin layer

*Bang it under the grill

*Medium heat

*Cook until cheese looks how you like it, approx 5ish mins, simples...

 If you want to put them in the oven obvs you can but that's just too much effort for me unless they are having chips as well. Pizza's takes around 10 mins in a 170*c oven...

Hope you enjoy these naan pizzas as much as my lot, husband included, I chuck a bit of pepperoni on his, he's a meat freak..

 Oh, also these are as nice when cold, for lunches, school, college, work or just because...

 Be Mindful, even when cooking and tidying up afterward, it's fine, enjoy the process and be calm, positive vibes only...

Love Jorja x