Cfs/me, Mindfulness

Mindfulness and cfs/me

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Would you like to feel less pained, less stressed and begin to enjoy all that life has to offer? Even with Cfs/me! this can absolutely be achieved with Mindfulness...

Mindfulness and Cfs/me

It is actually possible to achieve the inner peace you're probably craving for, and the pain you're feeling can become something that you accept over time. By opening up to the effects of Mindfulness...

These last 12 months especially have been super inspiring and am excited to live and enjoy what life has to offer.Let me tell you, I genuinely never thought I could be in so much pain. Yet be happy, realise my goals and want to chase them with my Cfs/me in tow...


Negative attitude

When we keep going through negative experiences, grief, loss blah blah, they do become the main emphasis of our lives.

Living in this way led me to feel hopeless to a point of no longer helping myself. Just didn’t see the point anymore. Pain pain pain in every experience, situation and emotion. It felt like I was being prevented somehow in every aspect of my life.

Inspired by kids

No more... Something inside of me clicked!

Which I now believe was down to lots & lots of conversations with my 4 kids on what their own dreams were. Teaching them to not hold back, its such a big world with so many great experiences.

Also, that just because they were born in one area didn’t mean they had to stay there. To go find themselves I guess before LIFE takes over. So basically lots of positive talking haha sorry wandered off!

Embracing inspirational quotes

Then came the inspirational quotes, I pinned my ass off with these things. Again for my kids benefit, to remind them they have choices and that their mind and soul were so important!!! Reading them out, printing them off. Then, I began to bring it into my crafting, cushions, totes, flags all with positive messages…

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From this, I noticed a change was happening within myself. Yes, the pain was still there and still is, but I was starting to accept it! I wasn't as much focused on the pain but how I could improve living with the pain. (No eyeballing! Its true)

I wanted more and unfortunately, I had to bring my Cfs/me with me…

Is mindfulness for you

This has been the best move in the time I have suffered with cfs/me. I was so wrapped up in my pain that I felt it as one whole body pain with no relief no matter what I tried!! Is this you?

Mindfulness trains us to be less reactive.

Pain tends to draw us in to do battle. In attempts to block out a pain, we tend to tense up our muscles. These reactions drain our energy levels, yet don't actually ease the pain.

The mindful approach

The mindful approach is to accept the pain and separate the emotional reaction it causes. No-longer backed by emotion, the pain becomes weaker. (not gone, but definitely an improvement).

What mindfulness teaches us;

 Self-awareness, Life skills, Happiness, Thinking skills & overall improved Wellbeing.

To include Better; 

  • Reduced Levels of Pain
  • Sense of our emotions
  • Listening Skills
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Focus on Goals
  • Decision Making
  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Increased Empathy
  • Reduced Stress
  • Relief from Depression

Allllll of which and more in Cfs/me we lack!!!!

*Link = How to cope with stress

Mindful Momma

 Mindfulness is very much on the rise and recommended by many health organisations. Great advice can be found on Don't be embarrassed to ask your Dr about it there's no need. Initially, I was totally against giving it a go...


So mindfulness is not as easy as it sounds, for some maybe, I struggled. But was consistent and eventually started to get a taste of serenity, and to feel this even with the pain was me hooked..

Definitely still got loads to learn, remember and try, but the effects have and/are still having positive results.

Having Cfs/me mindfully is a defo a positive move... I relapse, lots! Always seem to be starting again but now I relapse 'Mindfully'.. This way works for me...

What have you got to lose? We all have the capacity to live a positive life.. Do it for 'YOU'...

Give it a real practice... oh my days I honestly love it...

Be mindful gals+guys.

Love jorja x

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