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Mindful Sewing

diy v pillow cover ruralgreystar

Mindful sewing is better than no sewing...

If you are like me & love the idea of sewing but have one of those illnesses like myself (Cfs/me & Mental Health) that prevents your concentration & you get overwhelmed with;

*Instructions *Numbers  *Measuring  *Pinning  *Being too perfect

Then this mindful sewing post is for 'you' - If you need a V pillow cover of course hehe. Or stay, & get some tips when to be mindful in your sewing project.

No instructions thanks...

Now, I love to sew but oh lordy 'not' when instructions get involved. When they get involved the project becomes way toooo much pressure! I've tried, I follow them as precisely as my mind allows! I miss a word, the most crucial word, and I dont realise I missed it until I can't follow another instruction.

I throw my make down literally, and don't return to that project until, well I just dont go back to it! It gets shoved somewhere with the intention to finish it another day!! Obviously, that day never comes!

Be Mindful mental health mindfulness cfs/me message

Just let it happen...

But I have to say, since being so into mindfulness and the health benefits of crafting, how I  approach things has changed, I find I'm more determined, happy and calm to just kinda let it happen.

Instead of getting all confused with instructions, I chill amongst all the lovely fabrics and pieces of crafty stuff, clear my mind and focus solely on whatever it is I'm heading for, in this case, a V pillow cover. This way if/when I mess up it's not such a big deal to me, it gets unpicked and continued! No drama...

You need

Fabric x2 - I used cotton for 1 side & Fleece for the other.

Previous cover as your pattern guide.


A few pins

Turn on 'your' Mindful Mode

Mindful Crafting instructions V-Pillow cover


1- Fold your chosen fabric pieces right sides together - x2 separate pieces - Smooth out as flat as you can whilst remembering to be mindful. There's no rush, just focus on running your hands across your fabrics, getting the folds as ripple-less as you can.

Lay the previous cover over your fabric as a guide. Again take your time & un-ripple those ripples...Remember, Mindfully...

Cut to size. I had to cut my pieces separately.

2 - Keeping your fabric right sides together you will need to sew the edge at the top of the image - This is the point at where the previous cover is folded.

3 - Sew  4 - Sew

5 - Open out your fabric x2 and place them right sides together.

Iron fabric over to flatten nicely together before using pins for the first time in this project. You could be a rebel & just go for it, but I felt I would regret it if I made that move. (Mindfully listened to my intuition there hehe).

Anyone else hate pins? They are so time-consuming and fiddly - I do shake a lot though, so tend to stick them in me quite a lot and I don't like to add tooooo much extra pain! If I have an obvious injury to show, then boy does everyone know about it

Sew x3 edges together any stitch.

Mine was whatever the machine comes on with, a standard stitch.

Leaving one short end open.

Turn right side out & insert cushion.


You could sew a piece of fabric at the short open end, to cover the cushion once inserted. Or add little poppers Or buttons maybe to close the end...

6 - This is my Mish-Mash V pillow cover - it's sooooo soft, I'm excitedly chuffed with how it turned out!

And boom, that's it...Got something accomplished... After weeks, ok months, of putting off sewing this V pillow cover, it totally ended up being a really lovely bit of me time, mind time, mindful time...

Choose from your list.

Do it now, or if not then decide right now when 'you' can go craft or sew something. Something simple you've been hiding from. Come on now, I know 'you' have a list!


No stress

No Drama, oh except I did sew on my little fabric piece (to hold in the cushion) on wrong but I liked it so left it.

I totally have a thing for rugged-ness! So this was fine..

 I mindfully let it v pillow cover ruralgreystar

My V pillow cover was maybe a little baggy, but it works for me! If it was to bug you, it can just be adjusted by taking it in by maybe a few cms.

Anyway, I'm off to test this baby. Netflix here I come...


Are 'you' a mindful sewer?

Do you try to be too perfect and end up having a hissy fit & give up?

How do you cope with following instructions when brain fog is present (24/7)?


My plan is to do a mindful crafting post with a Spring Theme. I've never been that fussed about the change of seasons but now, well, I find it stunning, peaceful and exciting, this is totally since being more mindful too, ha, what a shocker...

Sew til next time, Craft on mindfully.

Love, Jorja x