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Mindful Exercise

Mindful exercise tips.

Disclaimer; Any advice offered is in no way a substitute for medical counselling. This is me sharing my way in the hopes you find 'your' way. 

Urgh, Exercise! But mindful exercise... Ohhh yes!

Don't you just HATE the word exercise and everything it stands for? For me, this is defo the case!

But, little steps and stax of patience I have learnt a way that actually suits my body! That being; Mindful exercise.

The beginning

Being unable to get out of bed was torture. Every time I made a movement, it destroyed me, so I wouldn't. Although mostly I couldn't.

Firstly... I began to work on my mindset (as it was all I had) & set little challenges throughout the day.

Which were mainly to stop thinking so negatively and hating on myself! After a few weeks, I noticed my mind weren't as racy & spinning. Woohoo, I had made a teeny but at the same time massive progress! This seemed to bring on a journey of the mind body and soul! L-O-V-E it...

Then came the actual exercise...

My Mindful Exercise structure went like this..

The arm & leg raises, feeling & focusing on the sensation instead of the pain. Trying to find my baseline (which is another task in itself!). Of course, I overdid it! Lots of setbacks and flares!

Then... Stretching! & stretching and more stretching. Not at the same time though, don't be ridiculous haha.

It took me months to get into exercise, but doing it mindfully has helped me to understand the importance and benefits.

And then...Years of on-going work! Which now, Mindful exercise is a high priority on my to-do list.

Please don't be put off, just start. GENTLY... & don't be feeling guilty or embarrassed for putting time into 'Yourself' either!  ...

Restore strength & stamina...

So there are lots of ways to exercise, but on Rural Grey Star you won't find any of that high energy shit, obviously haha. No, here it will be ways to get oxygen to your brain, focus on internal aspects, & movements that 'You' can do to rebuild & restore your strength & stamina.

But hey, don't do too much too early & end up feeling worse than before you started.

Know your baseline & stay within it! Even though the whole thing seems pointless, right now!



Less is more! Pace makes progress! You get me? hehe... Slow progression all the way.

Mindful Exercise to try...


The first 3 on the list below can be done in bed.. So depending on what stage you are at with your illness will require different grades of exercise.

Here is a list of my 'exercises of choice' that contributed towards getting me out of bed, back to my family and doing things, small things around my home.

All are forms of Yoga. I've added a few links to videos - But please only do what 'Your' illness will allow.


No joke, Cfs/me is a temperamental little bugger, whats ok for one of us isn't for another.


Movement-This at first seemed completely pointless & a pure waste of energy that could have been used elsewhere (like turning over!). I was wrong.

Here's a great video I found.. But If you feel this seems impossible, talk with your health provider for an appropriate starting point.

Restorative - Slow paced. Great for pain/discomfort, fatigue & stress - enhances a calming, more balanced wellness.

A deep gentle muscle release. This gets quite addictive!

Another video here to take a look at. Only do what 'You' can.

Yin - Calming, relaxing, helps concentration & focus .. This is where I am at. Out of bed too aha.

Another video

The following I haven't yet got to so can't really offer any advice on. Except...

Hatha - This video is what I'm working towards.

Kundalini - Spiritual

Iyengar - Slow

Bikram - Humidity

Ashtanga - Physical

Vinyasa - Faster paced


Exercise doesn't mean you have to go to the gym or do intense high energy stuff. Just move & be mindful of those movements, embrace the sensations but not to the point of causing more pain! A challenge in itself but all part of the journey.

Do you know where 'Your' baseline is at? I realise now maybe that post should have come first hmmm, you live & learn! So I shall do that next ha!

Take care.

Love, Jorja x

A few Mindful exercise accessories...

I live in my stirrup legwarmers exercise or not, they are so comfy.

The diffuser came more to get rid of my yoga buddies (x2 dogs) stinky ass'! But definitely worth it.

Do you know where to start?

Finding 'Your' baseline is uber important else you may just keep pushing & crashing! Have you found your baseline? Do you know how to find 'THE' line?

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