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Practise a Mindful Colouring Activity

mindful colouring activity

Do a Mindful colouring activity...

Have you ever just sat and done some colouring in? Like, not with the kids. Just 'you', some niiiice pens/pencils, and a cute picture or saying to do whatever 'you' choose. No, nor me. Until this week that is. I did a Mindful colouring activity...

5 Day lapse

When I have a lapse, which has been the last 5 days, I tend to still try to do something that would be classed as contributing towards my family' needs. Lists, menus, more lists, you get what I'm saying, you probs attempt it yourself.. This time my lapse has been severe, nothing to give! But, when awake I was irritable.

Mindful Colouring

It was kid3 that enforced my doing this Mindful colouring activity (Pdf in printables), she enters my room tooled up with 'the' box of pretty colours she knows I can't resist touching! This then led to 'oooo pass me a picture' (one I had actually designed earlier, haha no shit, about 3 weeks earlier) and off I went. Into a world of my own, a world of colour! It's a weird feeling when you realise that all you've been focusing on is which colour to use next, so trivial but mattered enough to focus and choose what would match.

Here's my completed 'In a lapse, mindful colouring activity'

      Mindful colouring activity

Let it flow

When I did a 12month positive vibes only challenge on myself in 2017 I began to see things differently, how much I worried and stressed over the need to be perfect, not so much me, but the with the things I did! This picture is scruffy, unfinished (I never know when to stop) and you can tell no real effort has gone into it except I would not have shown this finished Be Mindful Printable to anyone. Yet here I am putting it out there whoop whoop...


The switch off from once again feeling like a failure was much needed. I was distracted by the way the pens worked & how the colours mixed. Along with how can I improve this printable! Came up with 'design another' - simple haha... So shoved that one aside and focused on the task in hand, which was 'Just Chill and be ill'... Ha, I like that...

inspirational quote invisible illness

Minimal effort required

If you are someone that struggles with grip or applying pressure then these Winsor & Newton promarker pens, in particular, are fabulous. Having minimal strength meant using normal felts or crayons a no go for me. Imagining the fingers, hand, arm, neck & head tension/pain would have stopped me from doing this activity. But these were awesomely easy, smooth and light. Weird not being a felt tip at first! Special haha kind of watercolour-y...


Health Benefits of Colouring

Your brain experiences relief by entering a meditative state - Enter Mindfulness - Focusing on the present

Stress and anxiety levels have the potential to be lowered - Practise will help this

Negative thoughts are gradually expelled as you take in positivity 

Unplugging from technology promotes quality of life, health, and happiness


If you are in a lapse, bloody heck even if your not and just want to forget the chaos for a little while, doing a mindful activity will certainly help you with this. Get this Be Mindful printable right here. I designed my own because as much as I love the mandala types I find them overwhelming! I like to overwhelm my own picture with play patterns!

Do you allow yourself 'you' time?

What do you do to help you through a lapse?

Did you get the Printable?

If you are currently in a shitty zone light a candle, get a nice smell going, relax and get the colouring stuffs together and let if flow.

Embrace the shitty zone, it will pass...

Take care, be mindful..

Love, Jorja x

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