Coping Strategies for Chronic illness

Managing Chronic illness


Have you ever tracked your day by what your energy levels are?

This is one of my own Coping Strategies - (now!) for managing Chronic illness day after day! Oh, the joy!

After years of pushing through, telling myself I was imagining the pain & fatigue also, always being able to associate it with too much exercise, or the fact I had x4 kiddo's, a job, a husband that worked ridiculous hours I was bound to be a wreck wasn't I?! You too huh?

The first few years of being diagnosed with Cfs/me was in itself was quite traumatic, to get;

"Off you pop Jorja try these exercises, just push through the pain & tiredness!"

How many times can you say;

"Pushing through makes it worse though!" & "I need my energy for other things" (like eating, talking, breathing).

It's impossible, right?

Then I was shown by my psycho lady how to track where & what my energy was actually going on.

Once I got into a rhythm it became a little clearer where my levels were at. Which now means I get more done. Most of the time!


Use an Energy Tracker & check it out, I designed one for ya it's a tad further down.

Managing chronic illness

Coping Strategies for Chronic illness

Time for 'You' to become actively involved in dealing with this illness, Cfs/me is largely self-managed so understanding that every decision you make will have an influence on your body.

Make them count. Accept that 'You' are in control.

Print off the Tracker & begin by listing for example;

High Energy

  • Hoovering
  • Deep cleaning
  • Driving
  • Socialising

Med energy

  • Showering
  • Dishes
  • Play with the dog
  • Laundry

low energy

  • Make a drink
  • Pick-up a few items
  • Sort odd socks
  • Wipe counter-tops

The thing is with Cfs/me though is we all suffer so differently. What is high, med, low energy for me could be totally different for 'You'. But;

  • Make your own list of activities that can be carried out
  • When are your high and low times of the day
  • What can happen that can interrupt your plan
  • Alter your plan accordingly
  • Be realistic
  • Add lots and lots of short rests

Managing chronic illness is so tough to judge. Days, tasks & duties are trial & error to each individual. But 'you' have to be realistic, this will probably cause a lot of guilty feelings (Link - illness guilt) as you will be putting 'You' first. But you know what? Screw it, your health is a necessity so self-care should be a priority!


Find what works for you and do that, basically haha. Prioritize your daily list & fit them into your energy slots. Boom! Kid's obviously don't fit into these slots, but they do begin to see a pattern and seem to understand & adjust too. Not always the case, now that would be pretty cool!

 Another tool I find helpful to use is a Pain-Fatigue-Emotion Tracker, check it out & see if it's for you.

How do you manage your energy/pain levels?

Do you find using trackers and planners helpful?

Let me know 'Your' Cfs/me struggles.

Gentle hug & take care.

Love, Jorja x


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