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A guide to letting go and moving on

Mindfulness post.

Letting go and moving on is tougher than it sounds. Read if you are struggling with this...

So, hows your internal dialogue at the moment?

Making you feel;

*Anxious *Tired *Angry *Up-tight *Stressed *Tense blah blah blah? 

Here I am giving you simple & effective techniques that will power ‘You’ into letting go and moving on.

A mind that won’t stop

Looking for answers that aren’t necessarily there, is extremely scary and exhausting. Constantly searching in past situations for how it could have been handled differently or that you blame yourself for what went wrong or why it happened. 

But our thinking twists complicates and confuses situations, to a point sometimes that you just can’t think straight.

Effects of negative thinking.

Obsessive thoughts & worries swish around all of the time, & we don’t even realise the other effects on our body's like;

*Chest Pain

*Rapid Heartbeat

*Aches and Pains

*Skin Complaints


*High Blood Pressure

Stop right now!


What are you doing it to yourself for?

Are any of 'your' thoughts worth this amount of strain mind, body and soul?

I think not! Say it with me...

...I think not.

Well, let's say not anymore anyway!

I didn't realise you could choose this option either dont worry about it shhh haha.

Being mindful is beneficial even for the super intense kind of thinking with a current problem.

It doesn't matter, it's fab.

*Link = How to practice mindfulness

Letting go and moving on from anger

The same story rolls and rolls around our minds, but with little tweaks that obviously puts us in the favourable position.

Like the time I stabbed my sister-in-law for the remark she made about my kids or, the time I pushed an iron into my bro’s face until he apologised for being such a weak ass piece of shit.…

 I also scrubbed my sisters head around the kitchen floor a few times, this was while screaming at them why I, of course, was more in the right. 

Obviously, I was doing the housework haha, but still, it really dragged me down because it didn’t stop there, it went on to other people and more thoughts! Not always so violent, honest!

Instead of carrying out my actions, & tired of feeling so out of control I caved and embraced the whole mindfulness thing.

Why did I resist for so long!


Techniques for letting go and moving on

Stop for just a few minutes to embrace this time, on your *healing!

(Oh wow ahaha that makes me sound like a preacher. That, I ain't. Just really love mindfulness & healing haha.)

*Link = Amazon

So, 30 seconds to 1 minute to get you going, little & often can be enough to feel the benefits of mindfulness, then you will want more.

Thought arises = Take a step back (internally), notice it’s there...

It literally doesn’t matter what thoughts come into your mind, don’t start dwelling on or answering them back.

Allow your thought/s to be there but don’t actually give them any attention.

*Focus on your breathing. ‘Letting go’ on each outward breath. Pushing out all negative tension.


*Focus on how your body feels (in sections, 1 by 1, slowly) 


*Feel the change in tension as you move to each part of your body.

If your mind does wander off to bothersome thoughts just acknowledge and let them go on their way.

It is totally possible to focus back on sensing your breathing or body sensations. Hard, but possible.

You are in charge remember?!

Yeah, it may be about a crappy time but slow down, relax & let the thought pass onto something else.

Other mindful activities...

If you're really struggling, as is normally the case to start with then you could try;

*Focusing on an activity like *colouring can help.


*Spend awhile noticing five things to match your five senses.






Need more?

*Red Rock meditation centre has an awesome weekly sequence, and other mindfulness stuff to help you make a real difference to 'Your' mind.

'You' can absolutely do this, and be letting go and moving on in no-time. But, you need to start & stick!

*Link = Here's week one on RedRockMeditation

*Link = What's the point in colouring

Or there's...

How about this bundle of mindfulness to help guide you as you practise, until you get the hang of it and being mindful becomes more natural...

*Link = 7-minute Mindfulness 


Learning to let go of things that are eating you up inside is a battle in itself, but you will come through it fighting more than ever.

Try to make a plan. Here, use this *DUMPER, it’s great to help keep you focused on the actual issue.  

*Link = Pdf

These techniques can be pretty frustrating to begin with, & I know they can come across as patronising, straightforward & simple, but seriously stick with it and the benefits will unravel slowly but surely.  

To 'You' ...

Get in touch with Jorja@RuralGreyStar if you need a chat, a blow-out, a moan or a boost, if you feel I may have an answer that will be of any benefit, please ask.

I am literally loving that a few of you guys are starting to feel able to talk with me, thank you.

Take care yo-lot & go be mindful.

Love, Jorja x


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