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Learn how to love yourself first

Love yourself

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How to love yourself first

Having a few years of experience being in 'Self-destruct mode' with my own issues, its time to share the simple noteworthy techniques that have benefited my life so ridiculously & also still use daily.

Learn how to love yourself first! Sounds patronising, doesn't it?

Well, that was my feeling to being told this, as well as cringing from my gremlin voice telling me I was a worthless piece of shit!

Resonate at all? 

Although as time goes on I think it was more I didn't get what was truly meant by professionals advising me to;

'Love yourself first'!

Over time I’ve had some quite unbelievable & unexpected results

There are some really great bloggers on this web thing that share similar paths as you, maybe me being one of them. But if I'm not your kinda gal just, make sure you keep searching until you find whatever/whoever you need in your teepee & keep fighting warrior... Orrrr...

...Give this a go

When it's the calmest part of your day sit with the questions below and allow the thoughts to come naturally. Don't overthink them, just relax, there's no rush & no pressure.

This process has allowed me to learn and understand my body, feelings & sensations more than ever. Stuff I thought I already knew, but as I sat with each question it stood out that actually, I didn't!

Who am I?

Learn how to love yourself

Who am 'I'?

*How do I handle being in a negative environment?

*How do I react when my routine is interrupted?

*How do I react with things I have no control over?

*How do I deal with rejection?

*How do I deal with other peoples bad behaviour or attitude?

*How do I cope with people that have hurt me in the past?

*What do I need more of?

Learn how to love you

Now what?

When you realise you’re thinking up some nasty self-talk, stop and ask;

“Would I say this to others?"

(okay, some maybe but shhh hehe)!

So perhaps stay along the route of your loved ones, your mains! You wouldn't speak this way to them.

Reframe your self-talk to be more supportive, caring & encouraging. My kids were a great tool in this mindset shift. Encouraging them to be this way with themselves has enforced it on me too!

It's important to trust your own senses, but to trust them we need to learn them, feel them.

For this I use Mindfulness! L-O-V-E this!

Spend time with yourself as if you are with your favourite person, make a plan & certainly don't cancel on yourself!

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Another great way to monitor how you are being to yourself is by keeping track of your mood & emotions. A simple yet effective way to encourage a little 'You' time! Why wouldn't you give it a go?

Mood tracker


By doing lots and lots of 'learning how to love myself' I'm for sure a more ‘balanced’ person, definitely smile more and finally have a desire to open up doors instead of firmly nailing them shut!

It's weirdly reassuring to know that no matter what happens, you can always count on 'You' for support. , I never had that feeling before.

So, stick with it 'You', it gets easier the more you practice, also set little challenges for yourself along the way.

Putting time into yourself needs to become a TOP priority.  I have kids, so not number 1 priority, yet! But I'm definitely in the top 5 now & that is enough to give me life-changing results, so I'll take it haha.

Fancy a chit-chat?

What about you & your story?

Do you struggle with the whole self-love thing?

At what place do you rank?

Whatever your story is, I hope you find a spark of determination here on Rural Grey Star & run with it...

Good luck & take care 'You'

Love, Jorja x



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