How to practise mindfulness


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How to practice mindfulness.

For the brain fogged, ill, fatigued kinda person.

"Enjoy the process" they say! Ha!

I'm not sure anyone actually enjoys the beginning part of how to practise mindfulness. All I felt like I was doing was failing and getting more stressed. But if you commit and literally put your soul into it, the benefits WILL & do gradually unfold.

Freedom from a past that only still exists in our minds

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Stop, Breathe, Refocus and Carry on

Don't go into this expecting too much to happen with instant results, understanding the process of mindfulness can be helpful. Check out this What is mindfulness post.

Love 'You

Have warm feelings towards yourself (self-compassion! I know! This was new to me too! Not nice!)


Be prepared to forgive your own lapses, if you start to think you’re doing it wrong, that's a judgement on yourself so, STOP. Remember, it's okay to have thoughts but you're aiming for ones you don't get drawn into!

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Your Surroundings

Each time you practise mindfulness the chances are your surroundings will always sound/feel different & have unavoidable noises/distractions. Birds, cars, lawnmower, people, also the weather used to irritate me! These noises are what you notice but not judge or put any further thought into.

Your thoughts, however, can be a little harder to release! As you may well (do) know!


...Direct your attention inwards to sensations that you are feeling, tension, anger, pain, tingles, anything that gets your attention & feel it. You are fully in charge of how you react to this. Honest, 'You' are.

The mindful exercise below on the Printable is repeated below, in case you don't want to read it from the printable.

How to Practise mindfulness printable exercise

Mindfulness Exercise repeated from Printable above...

Try a 3 or 5-minute breathing meditation, 1 even. Set a timer.

Sit up or lie down (me) - Feet on the floor or relaxed if lay down.

Tune into your body - Focus on your breathing and allowing your tummy to rise and fall - Visualise each breath flooding your body with self-love ('you' are 'you' and 'you' can be who 'you' want to).

Listen to the sounds around you - The washing machine - Taps dripping - Drilling - Noisy neighbours or Outside distractions. Just listen. Don't judge or fret over any of it. Listen...

If you notice that your little Gremlin of thought has crept in, just ignore him; He’ll soon go away if you pay him no attention.

When the timer goes; Open your eyes, slowly look around you.

Deep breath and you are ready to take on your next task/challenge/duty or whatevs.

Notice things

Small peaceful moments really can change our lives. I used to get so lost in my thoughts I was never really 'fully in the room' if you get what I mean? Unfortunately, I'm sure you do arghhh!

Our problems over time though do lose importance. Learning to observe your mind can be extremely challenging, but for me ended up being quite a craving. Especially as you start to notice a freer feeling. Less tense and anxious.

Serious, this is a no shit way of gaining some sanity back!

Practise Mindfulness anywhere

Mindfulness really can be practised at any time without interfering with your other daily duties! You just need to be fully aware in that exact moment, all of your attention going on what it is that you are doing.

Hoovering.. Laundry… Cleaning…



A great way of remembering is to use visual triggers such as quotes blah blah. They are an effective way to snap you back into the present moment. Hence my Inspirational flags and keyrings, man, I am surrounded by positive, mindful, encouraging messages and they totally give me a boost to move forward and achieve.

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So, are you ready to take charge of 'You'?

Come on, you can smash this..

There are lots of apps too that can help - You will still have a struggle and end up ignoring it, lose your thoughts, get cross, want to throw your phone across the room. But again, stick with it...


You are not trying to achieve a blank mind when you practise mindfulness, dealing with 'your' thoughts are all part of it.

Whilst you are cracking on with your day, try to consciously observe your thoughts without getting lost or getting into a struggle with them. It doesn't have to be for long, you can build up how much time spent being mindful, start slow. 1 minute doesn't sound a long time until you are unable to focus on being present in that 1 minute haha...

That's okay!

Your Challenges if you accept;

Practise mindfulness when you next sort the odd sock pile, omg I love my time with the odd sock pile hehe.

Till next time 'you' awesome trooper...

Take care and Be mindful.

Love, Jorja x


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