How to make Christmas Decorations

Make your own Star

How to make Christmas decorations

Get some cardboard, scissors, glue, any colour felt, ribbon or jute, some jingly ball/bell things or whatever you like and let me show you how to make some easy Christmas decorations, non-perfection stylee with no pressure, no expectations & no rush. Just to enjoy some time focusing on the task at hand & not the mumblings that are going on in your head stuff.

Mindful Christmas crafting!

Also, find;

Homemade Christmas decoration ideas.

How to make Christmas decorations (A Star).

Diy Christmas decorations.

Anyone else dreading Christmas?

This will be the first Christmas that all my kids ‘know’!!

'You know’?!

Well, I’m gutted, don’t get me wrong I still love all the family stuff and food blah blah blah but the magic isn’t going to be there, is it?

Anyway, my aim is to simply embrace each day as it gets closer and craft my ass off to take my mind away from the shitty feelings that are trying to take over.

Who’s with me? For whatever reason!

*Link = Don't let negative emotions win

Homemade Christmas decoration ideas 

Once again I scroll through Pinterest and see all the amazing homemade Christmas decoration ideas and think yep, yep, this time I will take my time, measure correctly and not skip steps to get to the end. Nope! 

After hours (probably) pinning some crazy talented work, I decided to go for a simple star decoration haha.

So, shall ‘You’ & I make our own super talented shit? & make a point of doing this in a calm, no pressure, relaxed state?

Ha, I know, but we can try… 

It doesn't have to be a star it could be a tree, a bauble or a robin (oooo I might do a robin, that 

would be cute).

How to make Christmas decorations.

In particular, a Star.

*Cardboard x2 for sturdiness

*Star template (mines roughly drew)

*Glue gun (or any glue that sticks)

*Your chosen Felt (I had no full pieces)

*Feather boa ribbon stuff (to hide the rough back haha)

*Jute, Bells, Ribbon & whatever else you want


Relax & embrace the mistakes...

*Cut out the star using the template.

*Glue the cardboard x2 together.

*Put a hole at the top of the star for hanging later.

*Use the felt to cover, glueing as you go making sure to tuck the edges around each point.

*Glue on the ribbon if you’re using any (mines the green glittery stuff).

Here I was unable to find my thread so, out came the jute!

*Attach bells x3 to the jute and tie at the back.

*Glue the feather stuff, following the edge of the star on the rough side.

*Poke a hole through the felt (Previously cut card). 

*More jute & another bell to finish.


Now then, how calm did you manage to stay? I got a teeny bit stressed with the glue and the feather stuff, wow it was like crazy magnetic!

But what a star, & Eric looks pretty happy about it too.

*Link = Coping with stress

Diy Christmas decorations

Other Diy decorations could be;

*Bunting using Christmas fabric


*Christmas cushion cover



*Christmas tree decorations … I just came across these Diy trees on, so cute.


Link = Christmas fabric on Amazon

Link =


Don’t get to drawn into the stress of Christmas, It’s one day and then it’s gone. Stop and enjoy the smaller things instead of getting lost in motion.

By doing these Christmas activities it has totally kept my mind calmer, which has, in turn, kept my anxiety at bay.

At the times I did have a thought or feeling I just let it join me a while. I didn't question or pursue any of my thoughts & ultimately stayed focused on making some pretty pin worthy-ish Christmas decorations. 

One, okay I made one hehe, a robin next maybe, what do you think?

Keep it simple & Craft on for Christmas.

Take care.

Love, Jorja x


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