How to make a dog coat

Kid Coat to Dog Coat

Sew a Kid coat to a dog coat

This post is aimed at you if like me you;

love to sew, are impatient, hate complicated instructions & pins, oh boy, the pins!

Also, it's a great hands-on activity to help towards shhhsh-ing your mind and keeping 'you' in the Moment/Zone/Here & now/You time.

Whatever you want to call it, use it & enjoy it...

Which is also kind of my point, if it's for myself I sew more for the 'Me-Time', which is to not lose my shit because I can't do it first time. Saving the stressing for when I make customers orders & the need for perfection there haha...

Diy Dog Coat

How to make a dog coat

This Coat of kid2' was just asking to be transformed into a coat for my puppy, so as soon as I could get my hands on it out came the scissors! Ha! 

Now, even though I’ve had months to do the prep work towards the making of this coat, of course, this didn’t happen!

The only prepping that was done was in my mind! Oh well, I held it over my puppy & I guessed! 

Guessed how long it needed to be, sussed that I should split the arms at the seam as she has quite a broad back so needed that part of fabric too. 

Check the coat on your dog as you go for size and placement 

*After splitting the arms 

*Put the coat on her to see how to cut the arm part

*Lay the coat as flat as possible 

*Shove a few pins in to stop the lining inside slipping

*Then cut I did

Sew away ..

I literally sewed the edges together with the intention to return to this later with bias maybe

The left-over fabric from the arms 

*Was used as a strap for under her tummy 

*Check size needed 


*Sew the edges 

*Attach velcro at one end

*Sew onto coat midway-ish 

*Sew the other piece of velcro onto main coat - check placement

*For around the chest I sewed on a piece of fabric as well which you could just tie in a bow or again add velcro. 

Rough Edge Dog Coat

So the edges of the now dog coat will need to be neatened up. Cut around if like me it's all over the place (This is as far as I got!). Then sew around some bias binding. I plan to use black, but in my head now the coat is finished and I'm moving onto wanting to turn our living room curtains into cushions! Please tell me that you do the same haha?!

My girl hates both trying things on or having her photo taken so these are the best I could get without losing my shit haha! Good tester for the 'ol mindfulness' part!!!

I didn’t yet go back to put the bias around the edges, so around she goes with a very cool rough-edged coat but she no longer stinks out the house of wet dog when she’s been out in the rain, her fave! I think she is becoming my mindfulness buddy!

Grounded by the dog!

Heres a pic of her supporting me through a recent burnout. She wants nothing, just there. Which awesomely kept me relaxed, calm and in the moment.

Listening to her breathing seems to really ground me! Anyone else find this with their furry friend?


Anyways, get cutting up your kids coat and have yourself a mindful sew. With the added bonus of no more wet dog stink. Enjoy the process, mine is not perfect by any means, but it works and I loved the time spent making it. Don't let the small things irritate you. Breathe & give yourself a break.

You deserve it!

Take Care.

Love, Jorja x

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