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How to find energy/motivation to Craft

Finding the energy/motivation to craft, sew, knit or whatever else can be real tough for many reasons.

My reason - Cfs/me - Depression - Momma - Wife - Homemaker - Mentor

Energy Levels

Crikey me, I'm exhausted when the kids have all left for school and my day hasn't even began yet! I'm getting quite good at judging my body since learning how to manage the crap listed above, so have a pretty good idea what kind of energy levels I have for the tasks needing to be done & what energy is left over for me.

My time is minimal in the day as I focus on laundry blah blah, but come 16.40 I'm twitchy to craft. Now when I say me, I don't mean just 'me'. Generally, I sit crafting accompanied normally by 2 of my kids who are either doing homework, their own crafting or we just chat, like we're in a little gang, I love it...

Just sit amongst your lovelines

Most days I struggle with energy, yet if I sit amongst all the pretty crafting/sewing/knitting supplies it doesn't take me long to start messing or to continue on with projects. Even if I only manage to sit there for 10 minutes at any given time, those 10 minutes all add up to enable a finished project, eventually! Depending on size.

I find this time relaxing, in my own zone, fully focused and aware of my actions.

Fact - Neuro-scientists have been finding that crafting activities are extremely beneficial to our health. While we are being creative our brains release Dopamine - which is a natural anti-depressant.... Sooo if it good enough for them! Then I reckon I'll stick with it awhile.

It works out that I have a hobby per season!

Autumn - Crochet / Winter - Xmas related / Spring - Glue gun crafts / Summer - Sewing & Stamping


Personally have to keep a lot of my supplies out, like all across the dining room table, like allll of the time!

This is so I can keep returning to it throughout the day. If my supplies go away, then I simply forget, forget what I'm doing, forget who it's for, what the aim is, or forget what I actually have altogether.

So currently it's my Sewing & Stamps that surrounds us haha.

Become immersed

I don't jump up and down to get to my table, if anything I give it quite the deadeye. But oh baby! When I do head over in the direction of the dining room, I feel like a gravitational pull and become immersed in the fab-ness of it all.

Crafting makes me feel happier and calmer

It can be easy to get overwhelmed, but to help this I leave a little reminder on a post-it note of where the project needs to be picked up from, then it's all good. Otherwise, I just start a fresh and get in a tizz!

How do you find energy/motivation to craft?

You Don't!...

When you get time, make a plan of a project (keep it simple to start) with lots of small steps.

If you look at the list and think 'shit me there's loads' - Split the list up so you only see 3 or 5 steps, however many you like.

Have your project in a box - Ready to go when you are - keep your list with your project.

There is no rush - Don't put pressure on yourself - Enjoy this time - Small steps

Quiet time - Yea right!

I used to get quite irritated at my kids for being anywhere near me when I had this craft time. Thought I needed space and silence. Huh! Was never going to happen. If I can't have a poo in peace then why on earth would I think this way?!

This year I made a conscious effort to change my mindset and learned to relax and enjoy that my kids want to be around me! For now!

My craft space-Craft for 'your' health

Talk to me

What strips you of your energy?

Are you an organised crafter?

How do you perceive your crafting time should be - To how it actually is?

Do you need to have all of your things spread out to know what you're using?

How do your families cope with the whirlwind of fabric, wool, pretties and stuff?

It would be lovely to hear from you...

Be positive & Embrace your life, for you...

Love Jorja x


2 thoughts on “How to find energy/motivation to Craft

  1. Jorja, I love your last line, “be positive and embrace your life, for you”. I also love how you embrace your kids around you. I too, had a hard time, having my high energy daughter buzzing around me when I needed my time to myself. I had a very sick and needy mom to care for and I always had to switch between mom and daughter. I did not have mindfulness then, and I love that you are bringing the message to others here, through your own experience. We all need to just accept ourselves and our lives, where we are at. Thanks for the reminder today! Oh you also have beautiful photos:)

    1. Hi Tanya, I love your message thank you. I still struggle with the concept of mindfulness how such simple practices can give us such clarity. It blows my mind. I get you with the switching between mom and daughter, It’s exhausting.. I lost my mom the day she found my dad. She’s here, yet she’s not her! Again, mindfulness has been my savior… Stay sane Tanya, we’ll get there… J*

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