Hip flexor pain… Relieve muscle tension & stiffness

Hip Flexors

Hip flexor pain

Do you have/suffer from tender, sore or/& tight hips? Lower back pain? 

Apparently, it could be ‘Your’ hip flexors!

"Hmmm, ok whatever" was my take on this info when my physio person said about doing some exercise...

..."It will ease some of your pain Jorja"

If you’re anything like me then you don't particularly know what hip flexors are either, you do know what hip flexor pain feels like though.

Do you have Symptoms like:

*Sudden/sharp pain, in your hip or pelvis

*Cramping/clenching in your upper leg muscles

*Nagging joint pain


*Spasms in your Hip or thigh 


*Reduced mobility

*Hips locking up

*Bad posture

*Trouble sleeping


... Blah blah blah

Yeah? Keep going to get some hip flexor pain & tension relief.

…Hip & lower back pain

My hip and back pain began before the Cfs/me diagnoses, carrying twins kinda messed them up. Then having kid 4 really punished me, & my hips haha. 

In-between this and my diagnosis happening I told myself I was a sassy hypochondriac!

Moaned & groaned & carried on. 

Once having the Cfs/me diagnosis (after a lot more symptoms) I would put all of my ailments to that, so I just kept finding ways to manage the pain as a combined thing.

 Do ‘You’ do this too?

Get's addictive

Learning simple-not-so-simple exercises that complement each other has and is a major part of my healing. Hip stretches release a heck of a lot of tension, along with relieving the strain in my lower back. 

Having tight hips & now knowing how to relieve this has somewhat become quite addictive. You feel your muscles (if done correctly) loving the sensations.

Link = What is Cfs/me

Exercise with caution

Be sure to approach any exercise with caution, don’t you be going straight into full-blown poses. This more than likely would destroy you, It still would me too.

I literally let my body decide how far it can go. 

This is where it’s good to know your body and the difference between good pain & bad pain. Cracking (somewhat) how to be mindful really helped me understand sensations happening in my body, something I previously didn’t pay much attention to other than;

‘Omg my body hurts so bad’

Link = How to be mindful


Flexor muscles

Our Hip flexor muscles are made up of several muscles that bring your legs & trunk together.

The muscles that make up the hip flexors include;

  • Psoas major muscle
  • Iliacus muscle
  • Rectus femoris muscle
  • Pectineus muscle
  • Sartorius' muscle

Hip mobility exercises

  • Seated butterfly stretch
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Lunges
  • Wall Psaos hold
  • Skater squats
  • Straight leg raises
  • Hip flexion
  • Lying twist
  • Seated legs crossed
  • Leg to chest
  • Seated hamstring stretch
  • Seated twist
  • Squat rest
  • Lunge

The image below has a few Poses on to get you started

Too much pain to stretch?

These exercises/stretches are challenging & painful to perform but will feel better over time.

They look pretty simple but nothing is simple with chronic pain. Don't let that put you off though as not doing anything will be worse in the long run.

Something else I refused to listen to, I didn’t see how it could get any worse so what was the point, right?!

(I cried while I exercised, at how shitty I was feeling physically & mentally. That faded too, bonus!)

Restorative Yoga was where I began

Restorative yoga is what helped me overcome the "I'm not exercising to cause more pain thanks"! Then, when I began feeling the tension & pain in my muscles react to the different stretches I was hooked.

Also, you know when you walk, but feel your hips as if they’re going rusty? Well, that eases off for a while too which is what makes you want more, happy days.

Be careful not to overdo it though I’m a nightmare for this, I totally overstretch & end up being too sore and fatigued to function. Whoops!

*Link=Restoritive yoga poses

Know 'Your' limits.


Healing  & rebuilding is a slow process, give your body time to respond. Your back will probably have been overcompensating and become strained & fatigued over time, so exercise needs a slow build-up approach.

These exercises I mix up & do what I can, not gracefully like proper people, more of an un-coordinated, shaking, muscle-fatigued sloth.

With Cfs/me it is very easy to feel your pain as a whole, I certainly did this for a few years so I didn’t have to face each and every painful aspect of being & feeling such a wreck!

Link = Living with Cfs/me

Remember, 'You' know 'Your' body so be sure to listen to it. If you can't get out of bed that's okay do it there, it's more comfy-cosy anyway haha..

1,2,3 & sttttrrrreeettch.

Take care.

Love, Jorja


P.s.. You may be interested in; learning how to pace


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