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How Happiness can be achieved & maintained

How to be happier

Happiness can be achieved by starting at the core, ‘Your’ core.

Aso find;

How to find happiness within yourself.

What are your strengths, find new ways to use them.

Happiness is a choice.

Creating your own happiness.

Can money buy happiness.


There is no formula, switch, genie or fairy that comes and makes everything ok for happiness to happen! I really thought there was ha! Well, apparently according to the many books I’m reading you have to start right at ‘Your’ core.

I believe this now but it takes so much time, consistency & patience! I know, I had none either, it does come though and leaves you wanting more. Time, was at any-given minute in between the shit of life.

So, over Christmas had me thinking as happiness was a hard one to achieve! Ill health on-top of already ill health, no money, no energy, little fun and the 1 social event which was great until I fell-a-flippin sleep! Husband out of work (because of me), kids unable to do much (because of me) blah blah blah…

…With cysts on my ovaries, polyps in my womb, man-flu, heightened Cfs/me pain and fatigue I can’t say I was all that happy. Grumping around, coughing over the kids and husband if they got too close, that’s in the few hours I managed to stay awake anyway.

As I lay in my pit the thoughts started to roll; *This is shit *We cant do anything or go anywhere *Why am I so ill *What did I do so wrong *How can this be improved when I feel so stuck *The kids must hate me *Why hasn’t my husband left me yet 

You know ‘The thoughts’ don’t ya?!

 Needing to lift my spirits to a more acceptable level there was only my soul I could work on so, that’s what I did. 

If you are struggling with low mood, depression, anxiety or any form of self-destruction start now...

…How to find happiness within yourself

As you probs already know being lost in thought is un-helpful, I was the opposite, I thought you had to do the in-mind reenactments and different outcomes! Noooo, what you need to do is;

‘Spend time getting to the roots of your problems & make a workable plan to begin moving forward’… Yup, makes sense I guess haha.

Many put their nose up at Mindfulness, okay, I did! Seriously, it is a great way to find the hidden path to ‘Your’ subconscious. 

It’s not for everyone but it could be. My sister really felt she couldn’t do it, so she went and took on a 5 year university degree thing and ploughed on. She’s in her final year now and is more stressed than she has ever been, and has no-clue how to switch off. I’m so proud of her but worry it will come and bite her in the ass after reading so much about the after effects of stress.

Don’t be one of those fools thinking that Mindfulness is to enable you to go around ignoring all your shit or, that it puts your problems even more in your face than you can bare, this was my previous thought of mindfulness, it’s quite the opposite!

Go with really really practising how to be mindful if you are wanting to feel inner calm, clarity & be able to find a way to start and build ‘Your’ plan for happiness.

*Link = How to practise mindfulness

What are your strengths, find new ways to use them. 

I’ve learned that our strengths and values play a big part in finding happiness although I didn’t actually know what mine were until I went through this exercise to find out;

*Link = How to find your values

Ask yourself; 

What is your most favourite thing to do? Embrace this. 

Examples of different strengths; 

  • Determined
  • Curious
  • Creative
  • Patient
  • Helpful
  • Caring
  • Practical
  • Kind
  • Respectful
  • Funny
  • Considerate

Learn something new *Crafting *Sewing *Crochet *Baking

Get organised, oooooh the stationary 

Train the dog

Something that grabs 'Your' focus.

Can I quickly mention that Revive & Thrive is perfect for those ready to take action towards re-building ‘You’. It was designed by me when I needed it most, so I know its fabulous. Just sayin haha…

Happiness is a choice

Is it? Really? 

The car broke down, I can’t pay the mortgage/bills, the cat wee’d in kid4’ school shoes, the washing machine won’t spin & has a designer screwdriver handle, the boiler leaks, the garden is disappearing down a bank, the house is generally failing apart.

Am I happy? Yea, ignore the car, speak to the mortgage (pass onto hubby), give kid4 day off, find ‘the knack’ with the washing machine, put a tub under the boiler & hope for the best, as for the garden, erm dunno yet & the house we think we’re selling! I’m still happy within myself and able to focus on self-healing, my family is doing ok and no-body died recently shhhh, that would make things tougher but still workable over time!

It’s unrealistic to think we can be happy at all times and is also stressful to be putting on your ‘Happy Face’, pretending everything is ‘Yeah good thanks’, when really you’re in pain be it mentally, physically or both! 

Learning how to respond to sadness, anger and ever-arising issues in a more constructive way has to be a good move, right? 

So if this is where the ‘choice’ part comes into it then yea happiness is a choice so we’ll go with it.

Make conscious decisions based around happiness such as; 

What/when will you do ‘The Thing’ you love to do

When life is so up & down with circumstances beyond our control everything can feel like it’s falling apart;

 Change your posture, make conscious choices, and remember that ’You’ can re-create who you are at anytime. take what-ever information that works for you and create your own regime of happy.

Creating your own happiness

Happiness is so deeply personal, complex and based on so many life circumstances it can become confusing and draining

Train your brain to make a conscious decision to stop observing other peoples methods of living and concentrate on ‘Your’ life. After doing this myself things did start getting a little perkier even to the point of I have a dream! It’s in the Can money buy happiness section below haha.

Having overwhelming feelings of inadequacy played a huge part in my being unhappy, people seemed to get on with life just fine so what the heck was I doing so wrong? Trying to keep up, I was making me worse. I realised or read, probably read, that we;

‘Determine our own self-worth by how those around us are doing’

Personally I love that feeling of contentment, this makes me happy.

Be eager to enjoy life and stopping with the high expectations, rigid boundaries and bullshit-ness

Change chores, pressures & issues into a source of enjoyment, like challenges and tasks

Can money buy happiness

No-clue, but I’d love the opportunity to find out haha.

Jorja’ Dream

I am going to live rural, no neighbours, warm home, have chickens, a pig and some horses, some land for the hubby to shoot on oh, and internet obvs then we can home school, surely google is compulsory for home-schooling haha! Did I mention a veg plot, fruit trees and a hot tub you know, for the muscles.

A little travelling with my fam would be nice, retreats, healing and mindfulness inspired.

This is what money would get me. What would do?


Happiness isn't something that is always shining, not in my experience. Find what works for ‘You’ and life becomes a little clearer, take a step right back to see what elements you want or need to change to live happier, but let it come from within.

As for my cysts, polyps and man flu time will heal.

Any Q do chuck me a message/email I love to receive them and will get back to you very soon.

Take care and be ‘You’.

Love, Jorja x

P.s Revive & Thrive is no shit ‘A product that will help you’


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