Guide to living with cfs/me

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Do you have reduced mobility and are restricted in all activities of daily living?

Have you been diagnosed with Cfs/me?

Or do you have your suspicions?

Have no clue where to start or even what to do?

This post will give you a guide to Living with Cfs/me and I'll share tips that help me to manage it, for example, mindfulness and crafting. Plus sign up below and get a free Pain-Fatigue-Emotions Tracker.

Hello 'You'

Living with cfs/me

Firstly 'Thank you' for landing here on RuralGreyStar where I am sharing my own experiences of having Cfs/me in the hopes that you can see that 'You' are a real person and 'You' deserve to be happy, pain included!

Symptoms and severity of Cfs/me vary considerably from person to person. Seek care from your healthcare provider who knows you best. But Self-care is always good.

Are you suffering, losing the will to live, stable, getting worse, reached despair or maybe you're at the point that you are convinced you must be dying?!!!

Convinced you must be dying - This was me, it still is at times but fabulously now not so much.

Coming to terms with your restrictions and making sensible lifestyle changes are important aspects of self-help. It is imperative that you learn to listen to your body and respond accordingly in order to manage M.E.

In addition, it’s important to look after your mental wellbeing just as much as your physical health.

Things I had to change were;

  • Leave a job I enjoyed
  • Unattach from Negative people (Inc family)
  • Get away from Negative situations
  • Start listening to my body
  • Stop trying to do everything perfectly (I never actually achieved what I thought 'Perfect' was!)
  • Calm the fuck down
  • Slow the fuck down
  • Learn to talk more openly (to those I trusted obviously and my psycho lady!!)

Now my day is surrounded by very little but;

  • Rest
  • Being mindful
  • Yoga (I roll around on the floor stretching every now and again haha, currently working towards a real Yoga session, not with people though!)
  • Sleep, lots of sleep
  • Barely any housework

... Here I'll show you...  The list on the left is how my day tumbles - I switch blog for crafting when I have an energy boost...
Chronic Pain | Rural Grey Star

Manage your cfs/me, start making lists

Start by making a list of all the things that you need to change,  Here is a good way to help you figure out what is truly important to 'You'  - Values

Making lists can help you to remember exactly what your aim is.

If you need to slow it down - Do it!

I peak and dip throughout the day and the level of symptoms and ability to do activities changes quite rapidly.

Physical or mental exertion makes symptoms worse if I allow it, sometimes this can't be helped.

It took a long time to accept what it was that I needed to do, to begin improving. Have the confidence to trust your own instincts helps.

Be Determined | Cfs/me | Rural Grey Star

 Pace - Mind - Life

Slowing your pace and mind as much as you don't want to, really can improve your life.

Not fast I admit which is a pisser, but it's so important to accept first that things in your mind and life need to change in order to help 'You' be able to move forward.

You're probably not in a great place anyways right now, as your here and all that 😉 ...


Start by thinking lots of 'positive' thoughts only - Look for lots of inspirational quotes online - Pinterest all the way - If you find your mind has wondered that's ok don't judge it, just put it back on track and keep going.

Tips for living with Cfs/me

  • Involve your family in your pain - Be open with your thoughts if you can. They may even help to straighten out a few of them with you..
  • If anyone offers to help you - Accept it - 'you' ARE ill
  • Find focus = 'YOU' you are the focus
  • Try CBT - You need to give it a real true proper go - You could talk to your Dr
  • Delegate jobs - If you can - This promotes independence (tried & tested, with hubba too!)
  • Get a hobby - Just for 'you' - Anything that pulls you to be conscious of 'right now' - Enter Mindfulness, to start maybe.

Also, there's...

and so many more options to try, you could maybe even sell your makes.


Re-evaluate 'your' needs?

Having Cfs/me has definitely encouraged me to re-evaluate my needs and abilities.

I believe this to be why I have such an amazing relationship with my brood, it's very much on an emotional level which I LOVE...

Don't get me wrong of course they are still little shits but I no longer feel like I'm sinking in negative patterns, so am now able to handle their outbursts of craziness! Find them quite funny in fact...

BE; Positive Positive Positive

When I made the decision to consciously think positive thoughts, I panicked, omg how, how am I supposed to think positively when currently sinking in quicksand...

I Put up a few inspirational/motivational quotes up around the house, in places they could actually be seen!

Start Moving Forward

It's tough when you are feeling so pained and low, checking out these kinds of posts is in itself a great move.

Try to work on your mind and get it into a more positive mindset. Then as time goes on the pain no longer seems to feel like the core focus anymore!

Do 'You' need to keep a better track of your symptoms? Take a looksy at this baby... Do you want it?


Enforce positivity into your day...

Have you accepted that your life needs to change?

Are you stuck in negative thought patterns?

Do you have a good support network?

You really do deserve to focus just on 'yourself' - you neeeed too...

Big gentle hug to 'You'...

Love jorja x

P.s - Be-YOU-tiful


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