Are you feeling beyond exhausted?

Fatigue post


Are you struggling at the moment and feeling beyond exhausted? Always tired and have zero energy, literally?

If you feel that you have been suffering with this for 6 months plus then it stands a good chance you have joined the extreme fatigue squad. Hi…

Here's what I'm going to cover in this post...

...Always tired and no energy,

Extreme fatigue symptoms,

Feeling weak and shaky,

Fatigue causes.

There are illness’ that could cause you to be suffering from extreme fatigue and would need to be ruled first by your health/Dr person such as; Under-active thyroid, Diabetes, depression (me), Cfs/me (me), MS and lots more… Great huh?!

Anyway, don’t be trying to justify your tiredness with how busy you are (like I did), go to your Dr, get advice.

If you already know that you have extreme fatigue and know what the cause is then I’m gutted for you, its tough right?!

Take some time to make a plan that works for 'Your' own managment of this very annoying, frustrating, debilitating illness.

Following a CBT course, reading relevant material and searching the internet I took any information that would work in my situation and hoped for the best... 

*Link = Resources page

Always tired and no energy?

Always feeling tired and having no energy? Oh my days I get so frustrated with not being able to carry out pretty simple physical and mental tasks; 

  • Having no energy to cook for the kids, or myself,
  • No chores getting done,
  • Yawning pretty much constantly causing my eyes to water and stream down my face (when in conversation),
  • Sitting slumped on a shelf in the supermarket to build up some energy to get home,
  • Being unable to speak, literally...

...Along with my body feeling so heavy, as if my cells have drooped into a teardrop with gravity sucking me down, and skin that is sore like sunburn or prickly heat!

There are different levels to extreme fatigue and unfortunately it’s up to you to adjust your life accordingly. Fatigue is often a signal to stop or reduce activity, although they say to not stop altogether, Ha yea k, this is easier said than done isn't it?!

CBT method

*Link = PACING

Pacing is an energy management strategy that teaches us to break down our activities to a more do-able thang! Is do-able even a word haha.

Monitor your activity using an energy tracker which you will find on the pacing link above.

Aim to build up an idea of how much energy and rest you need everyday and keep it the same no-matter on energy levels. 

This I personally struggle with, I love my daytime nap and it works for my family, but I do follow a structured-ish plan regarding rest and activity along with my capabilities are now. 

Perservere with building and following a plan around ‘Your’ own symptoms.

List of symptoms

Extreme fatigue symptoms 

Remember, if your symptoms are present for more than six months this is regarded as chronic.

  • Exhaustion
  • Tension
  • Burn-out
  • Poor concentration
  • Irritable mood
  • Un-refreshed
  • Lightheaded
  • Headache
  • Low body temperature
  • Debilitated mentally/physically
  • Unable to manage the home
  • Work leaving no energy for anything else.
  • Frustration
  • Helplessness
  • Low mood 

Restorative yoga is ahhh-mazing for these symptoms, no joke, all of them.

Symptoms vary so much for each individual and can cause the need for major lifestyle changes. I wonder if I had dealt with my own early symptoms better then my life may not have come to a standstill, but I didn’t and it did, heyho.

It’s so scary when the life you planned makes an abrupt and inconvenient turn, but it’s been okay mostly.

Shit happens, you deal with it, you move on, right?!

As mentioned above; one of the most important strategies in managing your fatigue is to set and follow a program for ‘Your’ planned activity and rest, develop a routine and then head towards setting achievable targets.

Feeling weak and shaky

Muscles feel wobbly, numb, shaky, and/or tired?

Great info on this at Medical News Today

Weakness, feeling worn out, drained or depleted could have an underlying medical condition such as a viral infection or;

Iron-deficiency anemia (IDA)

Iron helps to carry oxygen around the body, maintaining healthy cells and tissues

A lack of iron can lead to iron-deficiency anaemia (IDA), which may cause dizziness and fatigue

Cover all other options such as eat, drink, or has something happened? 

 Then there's the glucose thing;

Some sufferers don't properly process glucose, which is the body's main energy source. I'm currently waiting to see the consultant about this one.

If your causes are because of CFS, then you probably already know that there is no cure or approved treatment, the most effective I found are CBT and Mindfulness.

*Link = Mindfulness and Cfs/me

Beyond exausted

Fatigue causes 

Whatever the cause of fatigue, it is a real, debilitating, soul destroying illness. We all suffer so differently and your experience is absolutely unique to you. 

*Link = CBT book

Some people experience extreme fatigue so severe and so seemingly random that it’s hard to describe, you're kinda just a pair of eyes resting at ground level, observing!

Being too busy with no ‘You’ time isn't a healthy way forward, start knocking off or delegating out a few tasks, I knew there was a reason I had x4 kids haha shhh...

If you have high expectations of yourself or others then it's time to ease up on some of that too, your health needs to come first, learn how to let go of that need for control!

Life events take over and financial worries are never ending, all of this is exhausting anyway without the added bonus of illness included.

Get your people involved and say 'hey things are about to change and you are going to help me', tell them how they can help...


Remember, talk with your doctor and be sure  to do what's right for 'You'.

Become in control (after saying earlier to let go of control! Ok, except this one haha) of your illness and learn to develop a better life balance.

You will be up and down so expect setbacks, learn to just roll with it and try to not worry and stress! This is extremely unhelpful with extreme fatigue symptoms so this area is a good one to get a grip on. Lots of work, but worth it.

*Link = Stop overthinking

I truly hope you guys are getting some benefit from Rural Grey Star and please do email if you feel up to reaching out, I'm just a chronically ill wife & mom with issues haha...

Till next time, take care of 'You'...

Love, Jorja x


Ps, Revive & Thrive worksheets and planners would benefit your new planning and calming regime...



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