Depression and Anxiety


Hows 'Your' Mental health at the moment? Am I ok to presume 'not so great'?

Mine sucked pretty bad too a while back, & I'm afraid needs to be managed still. Every day I battle through depression and anxiety symptoms and guess what...

...It's not so bad if you manage to gain perspective & embrace living with these constant streams of emotion and fear.

Living with depression & anxiety

...Find here on Rural Grey Star effective tips for how to handle living with depression and anxiety, it's going to take time but this stuff is how I've been able to sidestep and shuffle forward.

Your mind is unwell and needs 'Your' attention.

Expect sarcasm throughout my blog! Not, the sentence above but definitely the one below - no-one likes a bragger!

Not being one to brag but, I live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social anxiety & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), this has been for a few years now.

In my situ cheeky humour helps a lot! I'm not actually proud, joking helps me to accept & deal with these shitty disorders/syndromes & whatever else they are classed as. Which brings me to want to pass on tips to help ‘You’.

&…then there’s the Depression, which probably, like you, I hate/d being labelled with!

I was like…

…Depressed! Who me? How have you come to this conclusion then?

Yes, I cry on and off alllll day, but I’m an emotional person!

So what I don’t go out… I have enough to do in my home, where exactly do you want me to go?!

“But you get so frustrated at your kids”, Yes, because they are annoying little fuckers?!

“Do you ever get dressed?” – Well, no, but only cuz it will make more laundry?!

“Why don’t you let your husband go out though”– I do, he goes to work! You mean Socially? No fucking chance, then he’ll realise what a freak I am and leave?!

Living in self-destruct mode


Having these years of living in 'Self-destruct mode' with my own issues, health & life, I feel its time for me to share these simple noteworthy techniques that have benefited my life so ridiculously, & I still do use these techniques daily to manage the whole depression & anxiety thing.

Learn how to love yourself first!

Sounds patronising, doesn't it?

Well, that was my feeling being told this, as well as cringing from my gremlin voice telling me I was a worthless piece of shit!

Resonate at all?

Being so tied up with endless negative in-mind chatter & obsessive thoughts is incredibly difficult, debilitating & life changing.

I didn't get what was truly meant by professionals advising me to;

'Love yourself first'! - Don't be put off, it's tough to face but a major factor in the process of living happily/contently/whateverly, not sadly/angrily obviously.

You will also find around here...

...Ways that help to live with anxiety, anger and overthinking.

I know our experiences will be different but I do get how scared you are feeling right now!

Lifestyle change

There is no way you can rush long-term recovery, sorry, I was pissed to hear that too… It’s not as simple as thinking it and it being an instant fix, it’s a lifestyle change, learning to dedicate time to yourself and feeling your body make the transformation bit-by-bit.

Treatment for depression & anxiety

Going to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) & ultimately getting me onto how to practice mindfulness is how I have managed to understand exactly what/how I'm feeling (I thought I already knew!).

Mindfulness! I know!

Don’t be downhearted at this either (like I was) it genuinely works.

Although to begin with, Mindfulness increases the level of overthinking (it sure did with me anyway!) but stick with it & I know it could become a saviour for ‘you’!

Sounds so simple & pointless, doesn’t it?!

It’s really not..

Things worth doing take time. This is worth doing.

Why not?

...You are in control...


Download the dumper bundle further down. It will help you to keep things simple as you work through your thoughts, anxieties and emotions.

Really put these steps into action, the more consistent you are the deeper the result seems.

Now go start kick depression & anxiety’s ass.

Thought-dumper bundle

If you are afraid that your symptoms are out of control, go get the help that is available. 

Yes, there may be waiting lists etc, but start anyway. Use the resources available & know that you can and will improve in time.

Remember, you don’t even really need to tell anyone.

Revive & Thrive over in the sidebar is a bundle of worksheets & planners to really kick start 'Your' journey.

This is you accepting enough is enough & that only 'You' can fix you.

Remember, Depression tells you lies, mixes you up, makes you feel unworthy & punishes you from every accessible angle!

Fight back from now & find who ‘You’ are again.

Feel free (anyone) to email if you don't do comments (I get ya)..

Try to always have in mind that;

'You decide how to react' ..

 That quote helped me to remember I wanted/had to change.

Good luck