Cfs/me sucks, doesn't it?

I'm so with you there!

I will share with you here on Rural Grey Star some of my own management strategies that help live day-to-day with Fatigue, chronic pain & other related branches that seem to sprout! (Is that even the right spelling 'sprout'? Huh, good start hey!)


This illness has been a complete life changer.

It has slowly stripped me of everything I thought I was. If someone stood in front of me describing the endless symptoms of Cfs/me, I'm not sure I would have thought it was possible.

But it was and it is! And, a hard one to get to grips with so, finding management tips for living with Cfs/me became something that had to be done (as much as I tried to pretend it was all good yeh).

Do what you need to survive

Grab whatever information you can that resonates to how/what you are feeling and build it up from there...

I designed a pain and fatigue tracker that you can download here ... TRACKER

Always feeling tired and having no energy?

Don't you just get super frustrated with not being able to carry out pretty simple physical and mental tasks? Snap...

These techniques are to get you started on moving your illness in the right direction or following a flare or relapse. Learn how to pace & definitely try restorative yoga to help relieve pain (a little), great for your mind too (bonus).

I'm Hoping that these tips will help you onto or, moving forward with your own healing journey.


Big hug and good luck...