Cfs/me sucks, doesn’t it? I’m so with you there! Isn’t it bad?

Management tips for living with Cfs/me.

 Here are some super effective tips what I’ve learnt so far, from my own experience of being diagnosed, accepting & managing Cfs/me symptoms and flares.

Hoping that they will help you through your own healing journey.

Learn how to pace & use restorative yoga to help relieve pain.

Favourite tool…

…If you are looking to achieve some inner peace in the hopes of helping you manage ‘Your’ constant chronic pain, then I’m definitely recommending the mindfulness section.



Hip flexor pain… Relieve muscle tension & stiffness

Colour until Your heart is content

Self-worth | Know Your Worth | Depression, anxiety, cfs/me warriors

Restorative yoga Poses | Benefits | Depression & Anxiety | Cfs/me

Finding your baseline & learn how to pace

Coping Strategies for Chronic illness


embrace cfs/me flare

Guilty for illness


Cbd Oil Benefits


Guide to living with cfs/me

Health benefits of crafting

What is Cfs/me?

Living with cfs/me