My Simple Positive Mindset journey - Okay, not that simple...

Hey guys, I'm Jorja,

Here to step out of my introvert bubble and share how I've so far been able to change my mindset from being an over-emotional, sensitive, indecisive, moody, irrational wreck.

To feeling a calmer, happier, positive, curious, inspired and a more creative being. Even when my bad days arise, my emotions are all in check.

Depression, anxiety & Cfs/me took over mine and my family' lives, until, 2017!

Changing my mindset is taking a lot of determination, which is actually something I always thought I lacked! Who knew!

My posts will be focused on self-help techniques to help manage;


*Depression & Anxiety  *CFS/me

and all that relates.

Along with;


*Sewing/crafting tutorials (not a professional, so more for the rugged sewer). All done to what makes my eyes happy)...

Anyways, my blog is to be real and honest about life' struggles, offering effective tips & techniques encouraging 'You' to keep moving forward in your everyday battles.

Can I lure you in for delightfulness?  

Please get in touch. I hate/d getting in touch with anyone let alone a stranger, I found it intimidating messaging others in fear of them being able to read my mind (or is this just me?).

 If you do have a fear, don't sweat it, I will not judge, I still fear it a little....

Take a looksy at my blog it's small but growing, even at sloth pace, SLOW..

Have you recently set up a blog?

Have you recently set up a blog?

How do you stay,, erm, well, sane? hehe...

Positive vibes...

Love Jorja x