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embrace cfs/me flare

cfs/me flare

This post is going to cover how to Embrace 'your' mindful flare!

*Being in a chronic pain flare * How to get ‘your’ mindset through it *And even do some work

The Cfs/me rumble

This flare like many others has taken me to my pit/cocoon/bed. A definite 10 on my pain scale. But, I literally couldn’t tell if it was real propa pain this time like, ‘you need treatment now’ or was it my cfs/me umbrella pain.

You know the feeling? You just can't tell the difference, can you?!

On Wednesday I chucked up, from out of no-where! (not pregnant, not possible, that production line is closed). Being sick then kicked off the dreaded cfs/me rumble, the one that goes through your body whipping every *organ, *muscle and *cell on the way!

Great, that's me done for 2 days at least. 

*Muscles tender & achy. *Back feels like its going to split in 2. *Ribs giving me shooting pains. *Hips are tight & painful blah blah blah, so it's difficult to tell sometimes what the bloody heck is going on!

Friday comes and I’ve not been sick again, but in way more pain than my previous calculation of 2 days bed!

It is now Sunday and feels like something inside my tummy is going to explode (left side).

Should I go to the hospital? 

Nah, I’ve not passed out yet so the pain can’t be that serious, can it?!

It’s always cfs/me! Well, mostly!

Listen to 'your' body

Normally when things like this happen I go to my room *irritated, *angry, *sad and *guilty! This time was different, I listened to my body at the point of the weird sickness attack and I just let it roll.

Five days of sleep, rest and so much mindfulness its all been like a dream.


I hurt like shit, but my mindset through this flare has been different! I mean I have not let things piss me off like everything I should be doing and wasn’t! As well as the house spiralling down around me and the kids running around slamming doors, arguing and winding their dad up at any opportunity.

Us moms have the role of referee, don’t we?

For everyone to fully understand where each kid or dad even, are coming from!

Extremely draining!

I’ll be in my room

Not this time - I’m sorry (not sorry) but you guys are on your own, I am ill and I’m going off to my safe place (bed) and from there I shall function haha. By function, I mean survive, as you will probably know yourself?.. *Light a candle *get some nice scents flowing around you like this black cherry one (so nice) *get 'yourself' super duper comfy and cosy lots of pillows (love my v-pillow).

Then embrace!

Worked too

Working on Rural Grey Star has become an amazingly unexpected tool in my quest for improvement/recovery from cfs/me and mental health issues. And it was Rural Grey Star that I focused on, in the bits that I could! Being in the mindset of

‘It’s okay to take timeout’

I have ended up working on other parts of RugRst that I had put off and put off, as doing them would have meant I had to think differently and that would be waaay too tiring right?! But as I weren't able to mess with my crafty stuff and faff with creating stuffs, I couldn’t resist but pop a pad and pen by my side and in my many mindful moments, I let my thoughts come and go and was real surprised at how inspired I felt, at times! Even though the pain was at a high & I felt like crap!

My 'Embrace CFS/me flare' thing was having a positive, mind-boosting effect that I was still achieving no-matter how minimal.

Designed a product woohooo

 Omg I can't actually believe I am at this point but I have put my designs in motion and have almost created my very first brand new digital product! Wtf is going on how can you be in a flare, trying to decide if a trip to the hospital is required yet, started & got somewhere with this super freaking ace product (even if I do say so myself whoop whoop!)

Mindfulness all the way.

Back to the pain

Sorry yea erm, hot water bottle on tummy, pain killer-ed up, I made it till Tuesday and the hubba said "no more"! A trip to the Dr’s! Turns out it is a real proper pain this time and not my Cfs/me alone. Symptoms of Cfs/me causes extremely debilitating unexplainable pain, it’s nice when they go

"Yes Jorja, you have a womb disease"!

An infection I think! Haha, don’t care, I get to take antibiotics and it will go away soon!

Unlike cfs/me!


If/when you’re in a flare (with or without the infection) remember that actually, ’I do matter’! Replenish as much as possible mind, body and soul. Embrace Cfs/me flare.

As your energy increases make a plan on how to get your home back under control.

List jobs, delegate, set a time that you will begin & how long for, put on some tunes and party clean.

Even the little ones love this, teens not so much, but they have the understanding & teens should be doing this stuff anyways, its life skills after all! Mine don’t do it off their own back its party mode for them, but heyho ya can’t win em all haha!

Chill out, the bullshit won’t go anywhere. Prioritize ‘your' health & mindset over anything else. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you can take something from RugRst that will encourage you that

‘You do matter’ ?

Let me know! Email if you like! I don’t particularly like the 'leave your comments below' thing either haha..

Take care, really! Love, Jorja x

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    1. Thanks for your message, I’m quite overwhelmed that you came back for more, so ‘you’re’ a star thank you haha. The old ME monster is definitely a temperamental thing! This illness though is teaching me so much about life, just a different one! How about you? Do you roll okay with your flares? Jx

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