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Don’t let your Emotions win

My Emotions are batshit crazy, how are yours at the moment? I felt as though I had lost all self-control, unable to get through any day without going back and forth through multiple Negative Emotions. I now know this happens when I don't put time into myself, I've spent many years struggling with this one but am now making slow positive progress.

Our Emotions happen super fast and can be so irrational and random.

Over the years I would lose all self-control, a tiny bit! Was unable to get through any day without going back and forth through multiple Negative Emotions. I now know this happens when I don't put time into myself, I've spent many years struggling with this one but am now making slow positive progress, yeay..

I am not a professional, just sharing my own experiences and what is working enabling me to move forward, hoping to help you see you can do this shite..

Positive Emotions help us to feel and function better, which is also possible to achieve with mental & chronic illness. Tried, Tested and Living it.

Negative Emotions

If you're feeling any of the negative emotions listed in the image and are unable to manage the day to day life, go to whoever you need to for help. Your mind is unwell and needs your attention.

Negative emotions list


The Emotions listed have assisted towards my own cycle of destruction. But without these, I would not be on this path now trying to understand myself for myself...

I think I actually like who I'm becoming and starting to feel more relaxed-ish around people (people I know scare me, friendly strangers don't)!

I have always put myself in other people's shoes which I'm not really sure is always mentally helpful, doing this myself can result in feeling frustrated, sad, angry, confused and fatigued although this is obvs not always the case...

Having empathy towards others is something I do feel strongly about, sometimes others need a boost to find the direction they're meant to be going..

Notice Your Emotions

If you really take the time to notice your Emotions it can become a life-changing experience. In ways making us more Compassionate, Creative and Free.

Emotions and Moods are two separate experiences

*An emotion is usually only short-term but can be super intense.

*A mood is normally much milder but can last soooo much longer.

We don't always experience 'pure' forms of each Emotion, Mixed Emotions might happen simultaneously or you might feel them one after the other. If we name our Emotions it can help us feel more grounded and at peace not just with ourselves, but in many instances.

Losing the plot

Stressful things are happening around us all the time, it's you and you alone who chooses how you're going to respond... If you store up your Emotions something so simple could completely flip you out.. I would lose my shit altogether when the kids would spill their drink, or when my husband didn't say hello to me properly (my properly) when he got in from work!
Find your determination for 'you'..

In what I class as my worst days/months/years (who's counting) I let my Emotions take me down. I could be so blissfully happy one minute to a sad, angry, guilty, frustrated blubbering heap on the floor not being able to explain my craziness. This would happen all day long leaving me feeling deflated and empty.

Not Fazed

My kids got so used to me being this way they were no longer fazed with my rampaging around, they would come and give me a love (which would make me cry harder, I was failing them), they would then let me get on with it.

I no longer recognised me, literally! Would catch a reflection of myself and be shocked at who was staring back, such a scary sense would come over me, I could never explain other than I felt like nothing was real, like it was all a kind of blurred vision, slow motion and distant. I smiled still (on what rare occasion I wasn't crying), but it was as if I was watching from a distance, watched my kids and husband having a blast together wishing that I could be a part of that happiness, I was so lost, guilty and exhausted,  I began to see it that I was just existing and for a while that's what I did, Exist.

Just existing...

I would stay in my room 24/7 out of my husband and kids' way, didn't think it was fair for me to bring sadness into the air bringing their moods down. They would all take it in turns to sit with me and were so patient when I was unable to form sentences correctly or unable to understand what they were telling me. Although as much as I wanted them there with me I knew it would take me all through those Negative Emotions again but in supersonic mode, like I was feeling their Emotions on top of my own, at least when I was alone I could shut them all out and keep myself on simmer!!!

Don't let your emotions winAgreed to therapy..

Finally, I agreed (well, I went along with what they were all saying), I was depressed! My Hubba and momma took me to my Dr (who is amazing) and it all went from there, me opening up and being completely honest in saying I could no longer live this way. I wanted to die but I was still feeling the effects of my dad's suicide and how that impacts on families, I couldn't do it, it scares me how close I came.. *This led me to attempt therapy (which I hated), *led me onto practice mindfulness, *from this I found my determination and I now know *I am worthy.

Sounds so simple. It's not..

There is no way you can rush long-term recovery, sorry... It's not as simple as thinking it and it being an instant fix, it's a lifestyle change learning to dedicate time to yourself and feeling your body make the transformation.

Being more aware of my body, soul and mind have by far been the most effective.

Ask your Emotion a Q...

Depression = What relationships or activities drain my energy? What new direction gives me energy?

Fear = What is the threat? What action can I take?

Anger = What must be protected? What boundary must be established or restored?

Writing down your answers can be helpful if you have a contradicting mind like myself!  If you are in the mental/chronic gang like myself, I intend on doing a full Q guide printable which can be helpful.

My life has become so much more positive, happier and calmer now. Don't get me wrong this isn't always the case, I'm human, but I'm no longer hard on myself, which means I feel the Emotion and it seems to pass quicker if I pay it the attention it needs. Or if it's a really bad day and my usual tricks won't work I turn that day into a movie day and no longer feel guilty about doing this. My hubba and Tribe are sometimes around and we embrace that time of calm, together..

Positive inspirational quote

Teach the kids too...

Everyone including kids need to learn a manageable healthy way to cope with their Emotions that can come from our normal everyday life situations. If you don't stress over the smaller things when we have bigger issues we find we are able to focus better on a solution.

Don't get too wrapped up or absorbed in the Emotions of what has happened...

*Notice each Emotion. *Feel it. *Then let it go..

Trying to teach my kids how to understand the Emotions they're feeling has been fun!! More like they go along with me to shut me up. But I can tell they're feeling it!

Positivity coming out of my Ass...

A positive outlook at all times (this was my 2017 new year resolution), even when my day seems impossible with the kid's constant fallouts, work, high maintenance husband, house stuff, pain, anxieties blah blah I no longer fall apart at things that not that long ago I could not handle..

Positive inspirational quote


No way have I mastered this fully, my Emotions still get the better of me, but when I notice this I come back to the beginning and start my process again and each time this happens I get more and more fascinated by how our minds work and love to notice the transformation...

You need to realize the importance of learning how to recognize and handle your Emotions before they handle you.

It's a true awakening, inspirational experience.

Big hug to you.. Be mindful...

love, Jorja x

Affiliate link alert - This book is amazing and is what helped me understand how to become mindful. Something I always thought was a crock of shit, how wrong was I!!

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