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Are you searching for a gift that will be a hit with your; 

*Introverted *Depressed *Anxious *Chronic pain warrior person?

Then check out my favourite ever gifts to receive, the ones that never fail & make me all tingly that ‘You’ actually thought about ‘Me’ (as in, a wreck!)

Expect to see;

Unusual Christmas gifts

Christmas gift ideas for mom

Mindfulness gifts

Relaxation gifts

Pampering gifts

Be prepared for many links outta here / Trying to help more than annoy 😉


Awesome mindfulness gifts

Part of the recovery of the illnesses listed above is learning techniques that will help to relieve stress, anxiety, panic and more...

Neuro research has shown us our brain needs about 30 days to adjust to a habit change.

Having little challenges is great for our mindset & being that we can get extremely confused & overwhelmed.

This 31-day mindfulness challenge cards set is fab, teamed with a weighted eye mask, Mexican blanket or a Luxury Candle Gift Set & you have my attention haha.

Ultimate relaxation gifts

The Salt Lamp... Oh my days I genuinely love my salt lamps, I have the 2-3kg in my bedroom that's on allllll the time, then the 9-12kg one in the lounge/kitchen/dining area (it's one big room, not one in each room).

Hand Made Himalayan Salt Lamp carved from deep underground mines 

They are seriously calming, & relaxing it's ridiculous.

Team this with a Hot chocolate, mug & hot water bottle gift set or even just a cute bundle of Pick me up Chocolate or, if you want to ensure pure relaxation is achieved then top it off with a squeeze of  Cbd oil ohhh yes please! 

Perfect for pampering gifts

Burts bees stuff is the best to have a little pampering with, natural products have become quite a big part in my healing journey, but I do kinda like the name too.

Also. there are these under eye collagen pads, not quite so natural but bloody worth it. I didn't think anything would lift my swollen, dark eye's! Well, these actually do, not back to my 20's but a defo improvement. Team these of with some comfy socks or some pyjama type outfit and I would be quite the pampered prune.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

This 3D neck & shoulder massager says it will deeply knead your aching muscles just like human hands. I'm yet to find out but for sure this would be an awesome part of your Christmas gift ideas for mom, even more so if the hands aren't available or to give them a break at least.

Then, it would be rude to leave out the feet, wouldn't it?!

With either of these baby's, you could get a good read, mindset improvement, of course.

Chucking this one in for the achy knee relief oh my days how awesome are these?! I just came across them & thought yes please hehe.


Unusual Christmas gifts

For those users who suffer from repetitive strain injuries (RSI), aches and pains in the hands, arms, shoulders or neck, this iBeani will help reduce the strain caused by holding the device.

How cool, you/they don't need to stop reading due to neck cramp anymore yeay.

The most unusual gift I had was my healing crystals gift set! Hadn't got a bloody clue what they were all about. Now, they are laid out beautifully in front of my salt lamp & they get soaked on a full moon haha love them.

Also, have you seen these cushions for back, sciatica & tailbone pain relief?

For treatment of chronic or acute pain by alleviating pressure in strategic areas

Unusual gift but one they or you will probably treasure haha.


Whatever gift you decide to choose I'm sure will be amazing if not, then what ungrateful shits they are...


If you are still worried then go for the gift card option (like moi), with an extra token gift like this magic bean, so cute... You could also try Rural Grey Star on Zazzle! I hear that shit is pretty cool too hehe.

Good luck with your quest to get the perfect Christmas gift ideas sorted.

Have a Happy Crimble

Love, Jorja


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