Finding Peace in a frantic World helped me

Finding Peace in a frantic world is the book that finally helped me to feel a true sense of my emotions, anxiety and stress, also with accepting-ish my chronic illness. Still, I have bad days with all of it but, I no longer have that dull, heavy, gravity pulling feeling 24/7! Bad days, I now use them to relax, be mindful and regain clarity.

Finding peace

Sat once again on the phone to my mom, blurting + snorting about how my life was going so wrong. Debt - family(sibling) abandonment  - grief - mental/physical illness. It was bullshit, all of it.

'You have to try this book' she told me!

My momma had been approached by a friend of hers, who knew I needed help...

Finding Peace in a frantic world

This friend had lost her only child in tragic circumstances + was trying to heal herself somewhat. She was working alongside a therapist who recommended 'THE BOOK' Finding peace in a frantic world...

International bestselling and award-winning author Dr Danny Penman provides a concise guide to letting go and finding peace in a messy world, simply by taking the time to breathe.

Known side effects: You will start to smile more. You will worry less. Life won’t bother you so much.

Dissolve anxiety, stress and unhappiness, enhance your mind and unleash your creativity with these simple exercises. And with each little moment of mindfulness, discover a happier, calmer you.

finding peace in a frantic world

Link to ***Mindfulness audiobook***

So I gave in to my mom and said I'd give it ago.

Staying in bed most of the day, every day. Pain all over, arguments constantly rolling over in my mind, frustrated + angry, anxious, tired. Brain and Body Bashed.

My soul was Broken...

This so not going to work I thought and miserably downloaded it!

Finding Peace in a Frantic World' by Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman...

What's the point...

I really didn't see any point in learning how to Be Mindful + obviously, I was in the here and now I had a heartbeat!!! I mean come on, how is lying there listening to some dude chatting shit about doing a body scan going to help?!

Well, the days past and I still didn't see the point, I would forget that I was listening to an audio guide and the past, and possible future arguments would continue rolling in my mind. Then, a high pitched 'Ting' would ring in my ears bringing me back, and be like 'arghhhhh why is it so difficult to just not think for 10 bloody minutes'..

Finding peace in a frantic world helped me

Is it 'my time' yet?...

Although after a few weeks, I was starting to feel a little spark inside when it was time for 'my mindful time'. So I carried on, more weeks past and I could quite easily of stopped practising, but I didn't.

I think my mom's friend kept me inspired with keeping it up. Crikey if she was getting positive results then there had to be something in it.. Right?

This ain't so bad...

In those weeks I also began working with a Therapist (something else I thought was a load of bollox). Found I was beginning to find a little bit of focus! I began getting really interested in improving my mindset.

Every day

I continued every day listening to the audios (especially the body scan).  I was lasting longer being able to keep my mind quiet, staying enthralled on the dude' voice, guiding me through. Noticed the tension that I held in my neck, shoulders and jaw that I hadn't even noticed!  How I felt afterwards, all calm and relaxed, not stressed. I was hooked.

Let me tell you now, I take back everything I said about being mindful, I was so wrong.

Find a book with audio...

Finding peace in a frantic world has audio...

Even if you don't think this book+audio fits you, please continue your research into finding one that does. Whichever book you choose it's important to be consistent and patient (both something I was not when I started).

Do this for 'you'. Be assertive right now and make 'your' plan to real life happiness... 'Your' Real Life...

Take Care & Be Mindful.

Love Jorja x


I mainly did the audio aspect at the time. I was unable to take in anything I tried to read.. More recently I am attempting to try again. Read, that is!

Still totally have my issues but boy I don't fall apart at every fuck up now.

Oh, yea and also along with the book I downloaded another app, Relax Melodies. All my kids have it as well, they won't admit they like it, but they do haha shhhh... or there's also Relax Melodies Premium

Good Luck guys.


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