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HELLO & Welcome

Rural Grey Star began in Jan 2017 by me, Jorja! Until my late 20’s I plodded along not really focusing on things outside of getting married, having x3 kids, getting into debt & trying to function like others around me.

Don’t get me wrong I was happy-ish!

2007 my world as I knew it changed, forever! The officer explaining that my dad had died shattered my soul. My dad was healthy so wtf…

He had ended his own days!

For 5 years I did what I could to take care of everyone, had another kid & tried to help my amazing mom come to terms with her loss.

Around that 5th year, I broke mentally & physically. Diagnosed with Depression, anxiety and the oh so controversial Cfs/me!

2012-2017 I struggled immensely, which will be covered in my posts over time or if you ask…


Self-discovery time came in 2017. Phew!

Now I want to share with ‘You’ if you will listen;

How it actually ‘is’ truly possible to change ‘Your’ mindset from being an;

Over-emotional, Sensitive, Indecisive, Moody, Irrational, Socially Awkward, Crying wreck. (Me)

 To feeling a calmer, happier, positive, curious, inspired and more creative being

(Me more often now)

‘You’ Really Can Do It Too… I was a mess!

Now when my bad days arise, my Emotions are mostly all in check, which has made a massive difference to how I’m seeing life more positively.

Self-discovery | Inspirational message | surround yourself with love & happiness

Mental and Physical Illness took me down. This Self-discovery stuff has changed my mindset completely & is taking a lot of determination to keep up. Which is actually something I always thought I lacked! Ha, who knew!

My posts here will be focused around…

*Positive Mindsets

*Depression & Anxiety battles

*CFS/me living



*Sewing/crafting tutorials (for the more unconventional sewer/crafter). All done to what makes my eyes happy…

Anyways, my blog is to be real and honest about life and its constant battles. I’ll share anything that has and is of any benefit in the hopes to encourage ‘You’ to go on your own journey of self-discovery too …

Inspirational message | Living in organized chaos

Can I lure you in for delightfulness?  

Please get in touch. I hate/d getting in touch with anyone let alone a stranger, I found it intimidating messaging others in fear of them being able to read my mind (or is this just me?), If you do have a fear, don’t sweat it, I will not judge, I still fear it a little….

Take a looksy around my blog and find tips and real advice from my own experiences living with depression, anxiety and Cfs/me. Start your own self-discovery journey.

Rural Grey Star is small but growing, sloth pace.. Nice and SLOW which is more my kinda rhythm…

Positive vibes to ‘You’ …

Love Jorja x