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More productive

Feel burned out? Is your brain mushed up and you feel it’s impossible to keep up, even with the easy stuff? And/or; Have an avoidance technique where ‘you tell yourself how busy you are’, like watching Netflix is research type of thing (just me?). Check out ways to be more productive, for major levels of overwhelm.

Perfectionism post | Are you a perfectionist?
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Do you have a perfectionist personality? Is your perfectionism a problem? Personalities/symptoms and how to overcome…

Make your own Star

How to make Christmas Decorations

How to make Christmas decorations Get some cardboard, scissors, glue, any colour felt, ribbon or jute, some jingly ball/bell things or whatever you like and let me show you how to make some easy Christmas decorations, non-perfection stylee with no pressure, no expectations & no rush. Just to enjoy some time focusing on the task at hand & not the…

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Mindset | Wellbeing
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Steps to feel less anxious

Useful affiliate links will be dotted about. Pleas expect sarcasm from the off! Not being one to brag but, I live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social anxiety & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This has been for a few years now & I have found some great techniques that work for managing these symptoms & could help ‘You’ to feel less…

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Mindfulness post.
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A guide to letting go and moving on

Letting go and moving on is tougher than it sounds. Read if you are struggling with this… So, hows your internal dialogue at the moment? Making you feel; *Anxious *Tired *Angry *Up-tight *Stressed *Tense blah blah blah? Here I am giving you simple & effective techniques that will power ‘You’ into letting go and moving on. A mind that won’t…

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