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Rural Grey Star

 Here you will find tools, guides, printables and anything else that I have so far found to be of any use in making life livable.
Let's face it chronic and mental illness ain't much fun is it?!

Struggle with your mindset much?

Rural Grey Star was started in 2017. By me, a stay at home messed up momma, in constant chronic pain and never-ending mental struggles.
This blog over time has truly become my sidekick & a super effective tool in helping me to stay focused and moving forward. It's around me all of the time, which I love.
This came as a surprise as I had NO techno experience whatsoever. Or designing, or social media, well, any of it! (It's sooo possible, totally recommend it!)

Topics here will surround

Mental health, CFS/ME, Mindfulness and Unconventional Crafting!

Time for 'You' to embrace change!

    Live a life! For 'You'!

You just need to want it... Start from within.

Tell yourself that 'You' can...

And keep on telling yourself this over & over, until it clicks. Small steps!

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Single posts do feature in other categories if it's relevant.

Trying to keep RugRst simple to use.

Focus on 'You'!


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Stop over-thinking

Ask yourself questions about when and why it occurs. Over-time your triggers will become less powerful and you’ll begin to understand it’s cause and know how to fight back in your mind.

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First steps back up!

If you are feeling stressed out, anxious, hate everything, cry lots, then begin here with these steps and try to be as consistent as you can.



Pain - Emotions - Fatigue Tracker

Energy Tracker

Managing chronic illness


If you just want to get started on switching up your mindset then this is for you;

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Living with physical & Mental pain has been soul destroying, it was a very scary time and I thought there was only one way out! Until I gave in & allowed my loved ones to decide what help I needed!

Now, I want to help 'You'! 

 Please feel free to reach out.

Take care of 'You' x


Love, Jorja x